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The 5 best corporate gifts to reward customers, collaborators or employees

The 5 best corporate gifts to reward customers, collaborators or employees

More and more often, companies, regardless of their size, want to reward their employees with corporate gifts when they achieve important goals or on the occasion of holidays, such as Christmas and Easter.

This habit is establishing itself rapidly and is based on a simple and effective assumption, able to motivate the staff by leveraging loyalty and the creation of a team spirit. Company bonuses, in fact, spread well-being within the working sphere and implicitly improve the performance of its employees.

At this point, a question arises: what to give? Among the different possible solutions, one of the most appreciated ideas is certainly to focus on food-type products, able to satisfy everyone regardless of tastes or expectations in this regard.

On DF Gourmet there is a wide range of items, and multiple alternatives to choose the most suitable for you and your company.

Focusing on food is always a winning card as it offers the possibility to range from practical shopping vouchers to spend at will to varied themed baskets or elegant bottles of wine to toast in company.

Corporate gifts: gift baskets for all occasions

At Christmas or on other holidays, such as Easter, giving a basket based on food of various kinds is among the most adopted corporate gifts in many realities.

It is, in fact, a simple but profitable way to thank for the work done during the year, paying tribute to both the employee and his whole family, since the basket will be taken home and shared with loved ones.

Christmas baskets or Easter baskets represent, therefore, a great classic and can be composed in many ways, preferring a particular theme or trying to mix different foods.

In the first case, for example, it is possible to insert traditional desserts, such as homemade panettone or pandoro with mascarpone, as well as savory delicacies of various types (anchovies in oil, stuffed chillies, organic oil, original recipe Genoese pesto, tagliolini with cuttlefish ink) to be used for unforgettable gourmet Christmas first courses.

To make everything more original, we recommend opting for a pistachio panettone or a gastronomic panettone made with organic products.

In the same way, to compose a basket to give before the Easter holidays, you can not include the main traditional Italian Easter sweets, such as the artisan Easter dove.

That said, whether we are talking about Christmas baskets or other occasions, do not forget to also include a pack of Carnaroli rice, Gragnano pasta and a tomato puree, essential elements for our kitchen.

Corporate gifts: a good grocery store

As corporate gifts, a valid alternative is represented by the gift voucher purchased in a grocery store. This type of thinking allows those who receive it to buy what is most pleasing to them in a specialized store, with a selection of first choice products.

Here the customer can opt for delicacies and condiments for refined gourmet appetizers, or for foods of famous brands in the sector, such as AT patissier or riolfi sapori.

The voucher can also be addressed to lovers of wines and sparkling wines, thus giving the opportunity to buy wine products from important wineries.

Corporate gifts: wines and sparkling wines to celebrate important milestones

When it comes to business objectives, one of the most suitable corporate gifts is to pay homage to employees with great wines or quality sparkling wines, so you can toast together and thus strengthen the collaborative spirit.

In this case, you can think of donating a bottle of a particular vintage or a refined and elegant oenological product, such as a Perrier Jouet or a les cretes.

In this specific case, Trentino wine is one of the most appreciated not only by amateurs, but also by experts in the sector, thanks to a particularly aromatic and varied bouquet; Alternatively, Valdobbiadene Prosecco is also ideal and will make your employees happy.

Corporate gifts: give a menu or dinner on Valentine’s Day

An alternative way to thank your staff can be to pay homage to workers with corporate gifts such as a lunch or dinner offered on the occasion of a particular event, such as Ferragosto or, for the most romantic, a Valentine’s Day dinner. This means giving a pleasant moment, which will surely be appreciated and remembered in a positive way.

During the summer you can create a menu of August based on seasonal, fresh and healthy products, while in winter, to welcome the new year, you can create an elegant New Year’s menu and thus strengthen the relationships between individuals. At the table, you know, everything is easier and you can also forge profitable collaborations with colleagues and interposed.

To start, we recommend creating a mix of gourmet appetizers, while for first courses you can opt for excellent egg pasta, seasoned with tuna sauces or rabbit sauce, as well as for a saffron rice, certainly lighter and more delicate. In summer, however, a gourmet rice salad is perfect for a lunch with friends.

Corporate gifts: herbal teas, tea and coffee for a moment of relaxation

Finally, to give your employees a relaxing break, why not choose an elegant package of herbal teas, tea and coffee? It is, of course, an unusual but absolutely original gift.

In this way, the break in the office will never be the same and will help to strengthen the belonging of the staff towards the company. Taking a break for ten minutes and enjoying an excellent coffee donated by your owner will make this moment much more productive, thus fueling team working.

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