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5 simple gourmet dishes to prepare for the New Year's Eve menu

5 simple gourmet dishes to prepare for the New Year's Eve menu

New Year’s Eve menu: 5 easy and tasty ideas

This year you decided to spend New Year’s Eve at home and invite all your friends to sit at your table, but you don’t know what to prepare?

Don’t panic, below we suggest 5 simple but delicious dishes, for a perfect New Year’s Eve menu!

Aperitif and New Year’s appetizer, here are some ideas for your dinner

How do you say? “He who begins well is half the work”!
The ideal way to start dinner and leave with a relaxed atmosphere, is to let the guests find a good appetizer to tease while chatting, all accompanied by an aperitif.

To be on the safe side you can prepare small and delicious finger food, such as vol au vent seasoned with different types of filling.
Another idea is to cook mini veal patties accompanied by a fresh sauce made with Greek yogurt and chives.
Or, if you know your guests like it, having sushi on the table could be a great alternative.

Bites to be enjoyed together with a glass of bubbles: Valdobbiadene Prosecco D.Or.C.G. Superiore di Cartizze is perfect to serve as an aperitif on the New Year’s Eve menu!
With its enveloping and intense aromas it will conquer the palates of your guests.

Two first courses to include in your New Year’s Eve menu

Below you will find two proposals for first courses to “insert” in the New Year’s menu.
Why two?
We thought of a first course of land and one of fish, to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

New Year’s Eve menu: first course of fish

Let’s start with fish, a classic: spaghetti with clams.
Do not be fooled by the idea that it can be a trivial dish and already seen, spaghetti with clams are always very successful among fish lovers, just pay attention to the quality of the products.

  • Buy shellfish (1kg) in your trusted fishmonger and rely on their advice;
  • Do not make the mistake that many make to choose the first spaghetti (320gr) that happen: spaghetti with clams are a dish with few ingredients and pasta is fundamental!
    The Organic Pasta di Liguria, makes its spaghetti using Italian durum wheat semolina and of excellent quality, are perfect for fish sauces.

In addition to this you will need parsley, 1 clove of garlic, white wine to deglaze (half a glass), EVO oil and, if you like, chilli.

How are they prepared?

First clean the clams well from the sand by immersing them in a bowl full of water and salt, let them purge for about an hour.

After the necessary time, rinse them under the tap and put them in a pan with oil previously heated together with the whole garlic and the stalks of the parsley.

After a while, blend with white wine and continue cooking with the lid.
Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti and once ready, add them in a pan together with the clams and chilli.
The dish is ready to be served!

New Year’s Eve menu: first course of land

The pasta with lentil and pumpkin sauce is instead the proposal based on earth.
We don’t know if it really brings luck or not to eat lentils on New Year’s Eve, but we offer them anyway.
Tradition wants them combined with cotechino, but we suggest them in a really delicious first course.

Also in this case it is a very simple dish, so the advice remains the same: choose quality products if you want to be sure to impress.

Pasta is also important in this course, fusilli lend themselves well to this condiment and Organic Liguria Pasta is the one we continue to recommend to you.

Pay particular attention also to the choice of lentils (400gr), preferably dried, and pumpkin (500gr) that is nice sweet to dampen the predominant flavor of the legume.
In addition to this you will need pepper, tomato puree (600ml) and onion (1).

Here is the recipe.

  • Wash the lentils and cook them in a saucepan for 20/25 minutes;
  • Cut the onion into small pieces and the pumpkin into cubes;
  • In a non-stick pan pour a little oil and brown the onion, then add the pumpkin, salt and pepper;
  • Drain the lentils and pour them into the pan together with the pumpkin, adding a little tomato sauce and let it go for another 25 minutes;
  • Meanwhile, cook the fusilli and drain them al dente: you will finish cooking in the pan with the meat sauce.

Two seconds to include in your New Year’s Eve menu

For the second courses of your New Year’s Eve menu we have thought of an alternative of fish and one of meat.
Always to give you the opportunity to satisfy the palate of all your guests, nothing prevents you from preparing both dishes.

New Year’s Eve menu: second course of meat

Let’s start with the meat one this time: the bourguignonne fondue.

A specialty that allows you to continue the dinner in sharing and conviviality, the bourguignonne will be a moment appreciated by your guests.

Place the pot in the center together with the chicken, beef, turkey and pork, cut into small pieces.
Give each diner at least two chopsticks and bowls containing the different sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, green sauce and Alpenzu barbecue sauce.

New Year’s Eve menu: second course of fish

The second proposal we make is the sea bass with herbs in a salt crust.
A dish with an extremely simple execution but of great effect.

Just fill the belly of the sea bass with chopped herbs (including rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, sage and those you prefer) and lemon zest.

Then whip the egg whites (3) and gradually add the sea salt of the salt pans of Trapani Sicilia Tentazioni. Spread part of the mixture obtained over the baking paper on which you will lay the fish that you will cover in turn with the remaining egg white.
Once this is done, all you have to do is cook the sea bass in the oven, for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.

At this point, in both cases whether you choose meat or fish, your New Year’s Eve menu will continue to receive compliments!

Although success is guaranteed, we want to leave you with a gem to further amaze your guests: some advice on how to set the table.
A menu for 4 people simple but tasty, together with the attention to detail of the mise en place, will make your New Year’s Eve dinner special.

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