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The best artisan gastronomic panettone made in Italy according to DF Gourmet

The best artisan gastronomic panettone made in Italy according to DF Gourmet

Gastronomic Panettone: a must under the tree!

Gastronomic panettone are, without a doubt, the favorite Christmas sweets of Italian families. In recent years, alongside the classic industrial products, numerous artisan brands are making their way, offering products in line with those that can be purchased in the best pastry shops.

The reasons to choose gastronomic panettonei are many. Firstly, these desserts are made exclusively with top quality ingredients and according to traditional recipes. They are therefore synonymous with taste, authenticity and rootedness with the production area. The artisan panettone also offer an amazing variety of fillings.

If it is true that even industrial brands, recently, have introduced many different types of panettone, their variety is not even close to that of artisan products.

The gastronomic panettone are filled with fine chocolate, elegant coffee creams, exquisite fillings with the most varied liqueurs, and an infinity of different candied fruits: with every bite, a new gastronomic discovery, for all tastes and all ages.
On the table, you know, even the eye wants its part.

The elegant packaging of handmade panettone are sometimes real works of art, which make these products a perfect gift idea, both alone and as a highlight of sumptuous Christmas baskets.

The best artisan gastronomic panettone on DF Gourmet

The choice of artisan gastronomic panettone online is increasingly wide. In many cases, these are products of the highest quality, but it would be wrong to think that they are all perfectly equivalent.

Even excellence, in fact, can have many nuances; for this reason, we at DF Gourmet have selected for you the best gastronomic panettone on the market (and in our store!).

In our opinion, among the best gourmet panettone in Italy there are those produced by Pasticceria Rinaldini. In fact, in 2019, thanks to the high quality of its desserts, Rinaldini won the GAMBEROROSSO award as the best pastry of the year.

The careful selection of the best ingredients and the attention to traditional recipes and processes make their products masterpieces of taste, now famous and widespread throughout the peninsula.

Butter of the highest quality, certified flour, sourdough: these are the basic ingredients of the panettone baked by Pasticceria Rinaldini, to which are added delicious fillings, to transform the festive table into a journey into taste, to discover new combinations between traditional flavors and the latest innovations in the gastronomic field.

Let’s discover together their amazing Christmas selection, available to all our customers on our page dedicated to Christmas 2022!

Pasticceria Rinaldini: the selection of gourmet panettone for Christmas 2022

The holiday season, although it still seems far away, is rapidly approaching: in no time the streets will be invaded by the thousand colors of the lights and the Christmas melodies will resound from the doors of the shops. It is therefore also time to discover the gastronomic panettone offered by Pasticceria Rinaldini for Christmas 2022.

We can only start with the Classic Panettone, a true sovereign of taste, with a soft and moist dough at the right point. Prepared with fresh butter, raisins and candied fruit of premium quality, it ensures an explosion of taste and aromas never experienced before.

For those who love fruit, the ideal choice is the Panettone Aperò seasoned with seasoned apricots and pears, covered with white chocolate and crunchy cereal pearls. The skilful search for the best combinations of flavors results in a delicate and balanced panettone, in which the sweetness of white chocolate is harmoniously balanced by the taste of apricots and candied pears.

A bold but extremely pleasant contrast, which will meet the favor – we are sure – even of the little ones.

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