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AT-Patissier: discover the best artisan gourmet Easter eggs by Andrea Tortora

AT-Patissier: discover the best artisan gourmet Easter eggs by Andrea Tortora

Who is Andrea Tortora and what is AT-Patissier

Andrea Tortora is the son of fourth-generation pastry chefs and boasts an excellent worldwide curriculum. He has toured many places, including Paris, London, Singapore and Venice. Tortora has led for many years the pastry shop St. Hubertus at the hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano in the municipality of Badia, in the province of Bolzano.

In 2018 he managed to get three Michelin stars as a pastry chef. At the age of 30 he obtained a very important recognition as that of Maestro Ampi; this allowed him to enter the prestigious Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs.

Gambero Rosso and Identità Golose, two of the most illustrious guides, elected him as Pastry Chef of 2017, while the Espresso Guide awarded him the title of Pastry of 2018.

Throughout his career, Andrea Tortora has been able to work alongside important chefs such as Giovanni Ciresa, Christian Le Squer, Antonio Guida, Michel Roux, Gualtiero Marchesi, Fabio Cucchelli and Norbert Niederkofler. A similar work experience has allowed him to obtain more and more knowledge of the world of pastry, where you can always and only continue to learn.

For him, however, the teachings received from the master Maurilio Giacomelli, defined by Tortora himself as a second father, were crucial.

These fantastic moments, lived between precious teachings and prestigious awards, allowed him to realize a project that he himself cared a lot about, namely to give life to the AT-Patissier, still carried today with enormous enthusiasm and satisfaction, with the aim of offering great author’s leavened products based more on contemporary elegance.

The sourdough that accompanies all the creations of Tortora, as well as the various gourmet artisan Easter eggs or panettone of all kinds, is Carletto, so called by Andrea himself and made at the age of 17 with his grandfather Vamor, today remembered by him with love and perseverance.

AT-Patassier passion: all creations full of love and passion

Andrea Tortora during the course of his career has traveled a lot, from Paris to London and so on. All these itineraries have given him the opportunity to enrich himself on a human and working level, becoming one of the best pastry chefs at an international level.

His confectionery creations have, in fact, originated in the memories of the long-lived family tradition that have been refined over the years, between intense studies and research. He called it Italian Touch, that is, looking for the original in the origins, managing to bring all the excellent ideas around the entire globe.

To its products it has always combined colors, textures, flavors and aromas, giving a concrete form of infinite beauty. All this is now defined by him as AT-Patissier, a collection of great leavened products such as panettone, pandoro and the egg of Tortora: three illustrious creations, rich in tradition and taste.

AT-Patissier products

The AT-Patissier is a collection of the 3 most coveted products from around the world, including the best artisan Easter eggs, high quality panettone and pandoro. One of the most purchased and recommended wonders during the Christmas period is Tre Cioccolati, a first choice artisan dessert, enriched with hazelnut flakes and chocolate.

At Easter it is definitely appropriate to choose the Dove Egg: there are various types, all made with passion, love and dedication.

For example, the egg of Tortora Chocolate Edition 2022 is really excellent, with a crunchy and glazed shell, rich in cocoa and hazelnuts, embellished with split Piedmont hazelnuts, in a light dough in which the protagonist is Chocolate, declined in all its forms.

The cocoa to sublimate the leavened dough, the Three Chocolates to embellish it: dark chocolate, creamy gianduia from Piedmont and milk chocolate with sweet notes of caramel.

Other types of artisan sweets created by AT-Patissier is the Torta Bella. The name says it all: beautiful, in honor of Isabella d’Este, a great lady of the Renaissance, rich in culture, intelligence and passion for poetry, music and art.

Each creation of AT-Patissier is not born by chance, but is built in detail really thinking about everything, fine with the ingenuity of the pastry chef, just as Andrea himself still teaches many other pastry chefs.

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