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The best gourmet recipes of traditional Italian cuisine

The best gourmet recipes of traditional Italian cuisine

The best gourmet recipes: between tradition and innovation

When you think of traditional Italian cuisine , you certainly think of great classics, don’t you? Think also of what today are called the best gourmet recipes. Many of them, in fact, are traditional dishes and unmissable preparations that are part of the gastronomy of our country. They have undergone a revisit, becoming even more special thanks to some secret ingredient or some innovative spice.

When tradition is combined with innovation, organoleptic experiences with a high rate of excellence come out! With these delicious assumptions let’s see what are the best gourmet recipes of traditional Italian cuisine. To each of these recipes you can add your touch of personality to bring to the table a special dish from every point of view.

First courses

Among the most popular first courses we find pasta alla carbonara. This is a typical dish of Roman cuisine, whose main ingredients are guanciale, eggs and grated pecorino cheese. There are many chefs who have already given a new expression to this recipe. Some have chosen to use handmade pici, while others have opted for a particular cooking for the egg or for the realization of a vegetarian or vegan dish. What’s your idea? This is one of the best gourmet recipes of Italian cuisine that you can make even more gourmet!

We can’t avoid mentioning saffron risotto. In this case we move to the north, and more precisely to Milan, with this dish with an unmistakable color and taste! Some well-known chefs have decided to change the ingredients on the table. There are those who, for example, have managed to put aside the yellow … using white saffron in cold infusion. A choice that takes traditional Italian cuisine to an even higher level!

Another of the best gourmet recipes: here is an unforgettable second course

There is a traditional Piedmontese recipe, based on veal, which can also be served as an appetizer: it is the vitello tonnato. In this case it was chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo who changed the rules. In its version it reversed the roles of the ingredients: veal was used to prepare the sauce and tuna became the solid part of the dish. The “vitellato tuna” by the chef from Campania is one of the best gourmet recipes to take as an example!

A gourmet dessert

Traditional Italian cuisine offers us a dessert that has now traveled around the world. We are talking about tiramisu. This recipe requires a few ingredients of excellent quality, a little time and a dose of patience and passion. This dessert has become an inspiration for many chefs and enthusiasts. Today there are versions and gourmet recipes of all kinds: vegan, with matcha tea, with strawberries and more. In many restaurants the version is proposed decomposed or without ladyfingers.

Try creating your own version. Look for the best ingredients and use your imagination: the visual impact and the explosion of taste will be assured!

Even the pizza has become more refined…

We are sure that you are also a lover of this gastronomic product! Chefs and pizza makers have expertly mixed the best flours, experimented with new leavening methods and researched excellent ingredients to make it gourmet. The results are amazing and have conquered a wide audience. Everyone has their own ideas and there is no shortage of those that have already been defined as the best gourmet recipes for the preparation of pizza. And what would you like to try? A new dough or a new seasoning?

Do you want to get in the kitchen and try the best gourmet recipes?

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