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DOC wines from Trentino Alto Adige: discover the best Trentino wine from the Letrari farm

DOC wines from Trentino Alto Adige: discover the best Trentino wine from the Letrari farm

Letrari: flagship among Italian wineries and Trentino wine

With its 23 hectares of vineyards, the Letrari winery is one of the most appreciated and known for the production of Trentino wine. Its vineyards are currently located in different areas of Vallagarina and its headquarters are located in the Rovereto winery.

The Letrari winery is surrounded by a large garden where tastings, guided tours and lunches with friends are organized, upon reservation.
The Letrari family has made the production of Trentino wine a real art, trying to give life to high quality products.

As tradition requires, their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are harvested by hand, then sent to the Rovereto winery to be pressed before starting fermentation in steel at a controlled temperature.

At Letrari, tradition goes hand in hand with innovation in using modern agronomic practices.
The Letrari winery has high quality products from the local area. But what makes the Vallagarina grape so appreciated?

Vallagarina, a magical place for an excellent gourmet Trentino wine

Vallagarina, also known as Val Lagarina, is located in the valley around Rovereto, an environment influenced by the Adige and Ora del Garda, which creates here a special Mediterranean microclimate, suitable for the cultivation of vineyards.

The landscape of Vallagarina looks like a postcard: castles, cultivated hills, pre-Alpine pastures, terraced fields and rocky peaks of the Little Dolomites. Walking through paths and villages, you will find wineries, vineyards. Right in this fascinating place we find the vineyards of Letrari.

The Letrari company, producer of an excellent Trentino wine, suitable for all tastes.

Letrari’s selection of Trentino wine is varied but certainly refined.
We find white wines, red wines, sweet wines and fine Trento DOC wines.

Among the Trento DOC wines, appreciated both as an aperitif and for a final toast, we cannot fail to mention the sparkling wines:


The four products are very pleasant to the nose: as soon as they are uncorked you can perceive a fragrance of bread crust with the scent of cream, ripe apple and dried fruit, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts.
Even the taste is very special, you can taste notes of citrus and spices.

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The difference between the wines mentioned is in the fermentation times and the grape harvest that gives the particularity to the product.
Riserva del fondatore” is a sparkling wine produced from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines.

The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand and fermentation in the bottle according to the classic method. It is kept in the cellar with a stay of at least 96 months before being put on the market. The process enhances its particular and lively flavor.

For the production of Brut Riserva Talento 2012 and Brut Riserva Talento 2015, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are used that are harvested by hand during the harvest period which is anticipated or postponed considering the level of ripening of the grapes according to the climate. They are then kept in the cellar for 60 months to enhance their softness and elegance.

The sparkling Pas Dosè Riserva 2015 is a Trentino wine produced with a method certainly innovative but much appreciated in recent years. After the last disgorgement (disgorgement) of the Riserva 2015 wine, no sugar is added to be able to taste at the table the true authenticity of the wine production area. It is also kept for at least 60 months on the lees to express all its softness and elegance.

Noteworthy is definitely Letrari Trento D.Or.C Rosè Reserve 2011. It is a sparkling wine produced with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes but vinified in pink. Before being put on the market it has a residence time on the lees of over 60 months. On the nose you can perceive aromas of small red berries, with a fine and delicate bouquet with the scent of flowers and vanilla at the end.

The taste on the palate leaves a feeling of clean and velvety, with delicate hints of spices and strawberry and cherry jam, very delicate and fragrant. It is recommended as an aperitif, at the end of a meal to accompany a dessert or to be served during a fish or shellfish meal.

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If you want to toast with friends, toasting with high quality Letrari bubbles is definitely a guarantee. The elements that determine its fame are innovation, tradition without ever neglecting the care and choice of a quality product.

So what…Cheers!

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