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The best wholemeal pasta: discover the quality and goodness of Benedetto Cavalieri’s products

The best wholemeal pasta: discover the quality and goodness of Benedetto Cavalieri's products

Proteins, fiber and nutritional properties: what should the best wholemeal pasta have?

One of the great introductions on the Italian pasta market has certainly been represented, without too many doubts, by wholemeal pasta. Once it was considered a purely “dietary” food, as it increased the sense of satiety thanks to the greater quantities of fiber contained in pasta.

But fortunately we have overcome those years and today, thanks also to the creative inventions of some high-level chefs , wholemeal pasta has officially entered the kitchens of many and many, with classic preparations, but also with culinary “experiments” that take advantage of the difference in taste of this type of pasta.

“Integral” means that, unlike classic durum wheat semolina, the wheat to produce the best wholemeal pasta is not processed, leaving the grain intact of the bran, or the outer coating that therefore makes the semolina obtained much richer in fiber, proteins and many substances that bring benefits to our body.

Is that all, though? Is wholemeal pasta just that? Of course not, thanks to the introduction of these elements in the pasta, many cholesterol problems and excessive absorption of fats deriving from normal semolina are completely eliminated.

However, if today there are those who still think that wholemeal pasta is a purely sports food, there was even a time when supermarkets sold wholemeal pasta as “dog pasta“. All this is overcome and today, finally, we can enjoy a great dish with exceptional nutritional properties, but only if we know how to choose the best Italian wholemeal pasta!

Having the best wholemeal pasta is not enough!

Some think, again, that the only real advantage of wholemeal pasta is represented by the greater amount of fiber and protein, useful perhaps if you are following a rather rigid diet, such as that of athletes.

In fact, without detracting from the many beneficial properties of pasta, including reducing cholesterol absorption, increasing intestinal activity and even reducing the risk of cancer, even the best wholemeal pasta is not very useful if we do not know how to make the most of it!

Let’s start by saying that wholemeal pasta is particularly rich in fiber, so it will take less to cook and, precisely because (or thanks) of the lower processing, it will still remain more “grainy” than the classic durum wheat semolina pasta that is used. This means that we must take these characteristics into account when cooking a self-respecting dish!

Let’s take for example one of the best and simplest recipes, as long as you use the best wholemeal pasta: spaghetti tomato and rocket. A cold dish, rather quick to prepare and that makes the most of the consistency of the wholemeal, also combining it with the flavor of tomatoes and rocket, creating an exceptional combination.

To make it, simply lightly scald some cherry tomatoes in boiling water, so you can remove the peel. Then they should be cut in half and, if you do not like vegetation water, drain them in a colander.

Once this is done we take care of creating an rocket pesto: mix together rocket, garlic, Parmesan, salt, pepper and a drizzle of oil to obtain a sauce not too thick and, in the bowl where we will serve the pasta, add the tomatoes.

Finally it is the turn of the spaghetti: cook them as we know how to do and, maybe after waiting a few minutes, we go to mix our three remaining ingredients, to obtain a fresh, light and above all full of taste pasta.

The grainier consistency of wholemeal pasta and its innate porosity will allow us to better enjoy the freshness of tomato and rocket, also giving an aftertaste of cereals that will also give such a simple dish that “gourmet” touch able to amaze friends and relatives.

Other than “dog pasta”! With the right ideas, wholemeal pasta becomes one more weapon to combat the monotony of a pasta dish!

The best wholemeal pasta must also be organic

To be truly of quality, a wholemeal pasta cannot be satisfied with industrial processing methods. It is necessary to use a series of procedures that respect the raw material, perhaps without involving pesticides and other products that irreparably ruin the original product.

Precisely for this reason the best Italian wholemeal pasta is that of Benedetto Cavalieri, who strictly uses raw materials of organic origin, collected from the territory of Puglia and Basilicata, to process them in the Lecce plant of Maglie.

At Benedetto Cavalieri pasta is a very serious matter: they scrupulously follow the disciplinary of the Pastificio Artigiano, starting from the use of exceptional ingredients, which must be worked with delicacy: a long kneading, bronze drawing carried out with care and hours of drying with the absolute prohibition of using ovens.

Only in this way is it possible to create a wholemeal pasta that lives up to the title of “best Italian wholemeal pasta”. It is the production processes from the beginning of the supply chain that allow organic wholemeal pasta to make the difference on our tables.

As well as those of restaurants that explore tastes, perhaps even finding unusual combinations, clearing clichés and convincing even the most reluctant that wholemeal pasta is not only excellent for health, but the right choice in many different culinary contexts.

Why not combine nutritional values with taste?

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