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Black rice recipes: discover the best and properties of this product

Black rice recipes: discover the best and properties of this product

Black rice recipes: a healthy and beneficial food for health

Also called forbidden rice, black rice is a type of rice belonging to the species Oryza sativa that gets its characteristic black-purplish color from a pigment called anthocyanin. The latter has powerful antioxidant properties and is an excellent ally to keep you healthy.

Today, thanks to its delicate flavor, chewy texture and numerous nutritional benefits, black rice is present in numerous cuisines around the world.

It is cultivated in different areas of Asia, its skin tends to black, but the grain itself is dark brown; To enhance its color, it is usually marketed integral, without removing the husk.
In terms of taste and composition, it turns out very similar to a brown basmati.

It contains about the same amount of fiber and has the characteristic nutty flavor of brown rice. The preparation of recipes with black rice requires about 20% more water than normal and much longer to complete the cooking process.

Black rice recipes: the best combinations to amaze your guests

It must be said that the aesthetics of this food already plays in your favor in leaving your friends speechless . In fact, it does not happen every day to eat black foods and in itself this is already an element that surprises and conquers.

But it is appropriate to say that even the palate wants its part and for this reason we suggest some combinations to try with this particular ingredient.

First of all, for the success of a dish, it is essential to focus on quality ingredients; we recommend that you go to shops that sell gourmet products such as DF Gourmet which offers a wide selection of excellent rice and pasta. If the basis is good, you are already half done.

Among the possible recipes with black rice we suggest you try a combination with sweet potatoes and miso tahini.
The colors that this bowl of rice will have should be enough on their own to convince you to prepare it, combining sweet potatoes, broccoli, edamame, purple cabbage, green onions, hemp seeds and, of course, black rice; Cooking the vegetables separately and combining them with the rice you will get an explosion of flavors, textures and nourishment.

To tie everything there is a sweet, nutty and creamy dressing based on tahini, miso, orange and maple syrup.
Or if you want to stay on something simpler you can opt for a black rice salad with spicy toasted sesame dressing.

Rice and salad? This combination is not often found, which is a shame because it is really worth trying.
In this type of dish, you can combine black rice, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, almonds and mint, sautéing everything with oil and garlic to make an Asian-style dressing, sweet, spicy and rich in umami.

Recipes based on black rice: the nutritional properties of forbidden rice.

Black rice is richer in protein than other types of rice. In addition, it contains iron, calcium, potassium, carotenoids, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, etc. The abundance of these essential minerals makes it highly beneficial. It significantly helps the human body during the stages of growth and development and is therefore also suitable in feeding children.

Black rice contains anthocyanin and vitamin E, which help keep your eyes healthy. In fact, a good amount of antioxidants and carotenoids also helps protect eye cells from the negative effects of UV rays; In addition, they can play an essential role in attenuating vision loss as we age.

For people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, black rice can be a good source of minerals and nutrition; It is naturally gluten-free and is safe for consumption.

Black rice contains a lot of fiber, which is essential for the body and for general health. For example, some studies have shown that they relieve constipation and feed the bacterial flora of the intestine.

These are good bacteria that help in many metabolic activities that the body is not able to perform on its own. Since fiber is abundant in black rice, including it in your diet can bring several health benefits .
It can also be a catalyst for weight loss.

As explained earlier, the human body does not possess the enzymes necessary to digest fiber, but bacteria feed on them. As a result, fiber stays in the intestine longer than any other nutrient. This makes you feel full and consequently eat less; By reducing the calories introduced into the body, weight loss is promoted.

We are sure that at this point you will want to try this exceptional food and we want to help you by showing you the best alternative that you can find on the net, namely the gourmet black rice Artemide gran riserva Bormioli in packs of 1 or 4 kg.
Treat yourself to a high-level culinary experience, while taking care of taste and your health.

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