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Carnaroli rice: origin, characteristics of use and cooking

Carnaroli rice: origin, characteristics of use and cooking

Carnaroli rice, a tradition loved by everyone

Rice is a real tradition in Italy. Carnaroli rice is even more so. This food product has managed to fascinate chefs and gourmets from every region, so much so that each territory has its own selection and multiple recipes capable of conquering every palate. Together with Arborio and Vialone Nano, Carnaroli is one of the most popular varieties of rice. It is a rice with a large grain seed, perhaps one of the largest in Italy, which boasts excellent characteristics in the kitchen. Let’s get to know him better.

An all-Italian selection

Carnaroli rice was born in 1945, thanks to the crossing of two varieties already present: Lencino and Vialone Nero. It was grown in the rice fields near Paullo, in the province of Milan, owned by Ettore de Vecchi. According to sources, rice was named after a commissioner of the National Risi Authority, Emiliano Carnaroli.

The product was marked on the Varietal Register (which is responsible for classifying all the products of Italian agriculture, including rice) only in 1974. It was registered again in 1983 and its conservation passed from Achille de Vecchi di Paullo to the Ente Nazionale Risi, thus finally becoming a stable product.

It is currently under strict control, just like all other Italian excellences. It is grown mainly in the area of the Po delta, in Piedmont and in Lomellina in Lombardy. It is important to buy it in regulated places, such as supermarkets, or else you will need to pay high attention. In fact, there are some similar rices, such as Carnise and Keope, which are sometimes sold as Carnaroli rice.

Carnaroli rice: special features for a special rice

In addition to the shape and size, among other main characteristics of this variety stands out the excellent cooking resistance. This peculiarity allows to always have distinct and firm grains, with a good but reduced starch production. For this reason, Carnaroli lends itself very well to the preparation of special and elaborate dishes and fine risottos made with other equally unique ingredients. It is also ideal for the less experienced in the kitchen.

Carnaroli rice has an excellent texture and can be consumed even after resting in the refrigerator. During the preparation of other dishes it can even be left aside for a while: it does not lose texture, does not swell and does not crumble. At the same time it remains with the grains not too separated, as for example happens with black rice. This is related to the fact that it has high amounts of amylose and is technically classified as superfine rice.

Of course, Carnaroli is able to blend well with other foods and to combine perfectly with many different flavors. Therefore, you can use it for the preparation of various dishes.

The perfect Carnaroli rice for your favorite recipes

As you may have noticed, Carnaroli is a very high quality rice, which you can use for the preparation of many recipes. You can count on its remarkable consistency and good cooking resistance and make dishes with a unique flavor. But where can you find a good product to bring to the table? A food like rice must be chosen carefully and focusing on the best products. Don’t you agree?

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