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Chili peppers stuffed with tuna in oil: discover the perfect recipe for a Piedmontese aperitif

Chili peppers stuffed with tuna in oil- discover the perfect recipe for a Piedmontese aperitif

Chillies stuffed with tuna put in oil: step by step preparation guide

Chili peppers stuffed with tuna in oil are a delicacy that few can resist. Imagine enjoying a soft heart of tuna, anchovies and capers enclosed in a tasty spicy chili shell and tell me how you can resist?

The peppers stuffed in oil are simple to prepare and become the real protagonists of an aperitif or an appetizer, but nothing prevents you from proposing them as a side dish of a second course based on boiled or grilled meat. Let’s see, therefore, how to prepare them step by step and how to proceed with the essential sterilization of preserves in oil.

How to prepare chili peppers stuffed with tuna in oil

To prepare chilies stuffed with tuna in oil, you need the following ingredients.

• 60 round and spicy
red peppers• 1 liter of dry
white wine• 1 liter of white
wine vinegar• 1 tablespoon of coarse
salt• 1 hectogram of salted anchovies
• 2 tablespoons of capers soup
• 10 green olives• 350 grams of tuna in oil• fresh
parsley• extra virgin olive
• 5 glass jars
of 3-4 dl

Before proceeding with the preparation of your delicious chillies, wash the jars thoroughly with water and dishwashing detergent and sterilize them. There are several techniques for sterilizing jars. Some use the microwave, others the dishwasher and others the classic oven. Let’s see, therefore, how to proceed in the latter case.

Turn on the oven and bring it to a temperature of about 100°. Place the jars and lids on the tray and sterilize for about 30 minutes. Then leave them in the oven and take them, one at a time, only when you fill them.

In the meantime, you can start preparing stuffed chilies. After wearing a pair of gloves as a precaution , wash the chilies, remove the petiole and remove seeds and ribs.

In a pot, boil a liter of vinegar in a liter of white wine. Add salt, chillies and cook for a few minutes. Attention: the chili peppers stuffed should not overcook, but it is enough to scald them.

Drain the chillies with the slotted spoon and place them, upside down, on a cotton cloth. Let them dry perfectly for a few hours. If you prefer, you can cook them in advance the day before so that you can be sure that they are not yet moist.

At this point, dedicate yourself to the filling. Desalinate the anchovies and remove the bone. Remove the salt from the capers and chop them coarsely. Blend olives, anchovies, capers and tuna in the mixer. Then add the chopped fresh parsley to the final mixture.

Stuff the chillies with the freshly prepared filling, place them in jars and cover them completely with extra virgin olive oil. At this point, you must proceed with sterilization.

How to sterilize stuffed chili peppers stuffed in oil

Sterilization is a crucial step in the preparation of any type of preserves in oil because it allows you to avoid the dreaded risk of botulinum poisoning.

After sealing the jars tightly, then proceed in this way. Take a pot and fill it with cold water. Wrap each jar in a small piece of cloth to protect them during sterilization if they collide with each other. Bring the pot to the fire and from the boil calculate about 30 minutes.

When sterilization is complete, let the jars cool in water. Arrange them, therefore, in a cool and dark place. Remember that products of this kind keep for about 15 months, but after opening they must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed no later than 15 days.

An excellent and tasty alternative for those who do not prepare chili peppers stuffed in oil

As you can see, preparing stuffed chili peppers stuffed in oil is not particularly complicated. It is enough to wait for the right season, buy chilies and roll up your sleeves.

Overall and working calmly, the overall preparation takes about 48 hours because it is essential to sterilize the jars, let the chili peppers stuffed dry perfectly even for a day and proceed with the final sterilization of the preserves.

If you do not have time or simply want to do all this, but do not want to give up the unmistakable flavor of this prelibaptize, take a look at the chili peppers stuffed with DF Gourmet produced by Riolfi Sapori and treat yourself to a real Piedmontese aperitif.

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