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Special corporate Christmas baskets: the best gift idea for customers and employees

Special corporate Christmas baskets- the best gift idea for customers and employees

Christmas is not so far away and you have decided to pay homage to your employees with a gift that can satisfy everyone, without being cold and impersonal. What better solution than Christmas baskets full of delicacies to meet everyone’s tastes and give gourmet moments on the table?

Do not choose a standard and poor composition, rely on a serious and professional company, which inserts only delicious and refined foods, such as gastronomic panettone, Taggiasca olives, top quality extra virgin olive oil, exclusive prosecco such as Valdobbiadene, gragnano pasta and much more.

Focus on the excellence of our Peninsula

If the company has many employees and you are afraid of not satisfying everyone’s palate, the suggestion is to resort to a few delicacies but carefully chosen among the classics of Italian cuisine.
So start with a bottle of oil and one of vinegar, perhaps opting for the colorful and fun variants that you find on the portal.

What is the basis of the Mediterranean tradition if not pasta and rice, to be seasoned according to the regional imagination?
Then add an elegant and refined package of Carnaroli or Venus rice, and then finish the potential first course with a tomato puree inside a modern and colorful tin, to give the Christmas baskets a current note.

Choose some regional specialties

The regional cuisine is appreciated for its genuineness, so why not make Christmas baskets, focusing on some specific specialties?

You can start for example from Piedmont with a venison sauce, or from Sicily with that of tuna and fennel, with a delicate and characteristic flavor.

It continues with the Taggiasca olives, typical of Liguria, and ends the meal with an excellent coffee, immediately projecting itself into the strong and overwhelming flavors of Campania.

Opt for themed Christmas baskets

In addition to grouping the products in Christmas baskets according to the region of origin, it is possible to do so by theme, creating one entirely dedicated to pasta, another to preserves and specialties, yet another to wines and spirits.

In this way you will have the opportunity to include a series of excellences recognized in the world and, if your company does not have many employees, you can think of making different gifts for everyone, depending on your personal attitudes.

Those who love first courses can enjoy sauces and rice, fans of appetizers will be delighted by the different delicacies, those who cannot do without honey will taste the different variations and combine it not only with dessert, but also with delicious cheeses.

Christmas baskets to make a special dish: focus on perfection

An alternative idea to the variegated basket and composed of different elements, is the one that provides Christmas baskets for the realization of a specific dish.

On DF Gourmet you will find a series of really interesting ideas, so you can choose different variations and immediately trigger the smile on the face of your employees.

It starts with everything you need to bring to the table trofie with pesto worthy of the best restaurants in Genoa, enjoying an artisan sauce, linguine of the best brands and an extra virgin olive oil that comes directly from the Riviera di Levante.

We continue with a more summery version, which allows you to specialize in the preparation of rice salad, using as a base a Carnaroli dop and mixed ingredients for the dressing.

For experienced chefs, however, why not select the version of the fregola with cuttlefish ink?
We are talking about a delicious and satisfying dish, which will make you feel worthy of the best cuisines in the region.

In the same section you will then find a complete honey tasting, with 7 different jars to taste various nuances of the same delicious nectar.

We are talking about a delicate and personalized gift, which enters the private but not intimate sphere, making you feel how close the company is to its staff with dedicated thoughts.

Sweets to make Christmas sugary

Among the employees of a company there is always the one who goes crazy for dessert and never misses an opportunity to bring croissants and cakes.
To repay them for their generosity all year round, why not make them personalized Christmas baskets by inserting only biscuits and leavened products that can satisfy his need for sweetness?

Let’s think, for example, of panettone and pandoro, in their most classic and artisanal version, or puff pastry that goes well with coffee, delicate and caramelized.

In addition, how not to include the traditional baci di dama, which for generations have conquered people from every area of Italy and are perfect to serve to guests in case of visit?

Equally universal are the canestrelli, biscuits suitable for tea time or a pleasant and not too heavy snack, made to perfection according to the Tuscan recipe.

The pleasure of drinking together during the holidays

A glass of wine during the holidays is a pleasure that everyone loves to indulge in, for the classic midnight toast or even to accompany a more abundant meal than usual.

Opt for one of the wines that you find in the gourmet section, such as the white sauvignon selected especially for you by Bastianich, or the Crates La Sable from Valle d’Aosta, which goes well with dishes rich in flavor and seasoning.

Do not forget to include in the Christmas baskets a spirit, a distillate or a digestive, always useful in the presence of guests but also to reconcile sleep at the end of the day.

Christmas baskets of aromatic spices to flavor every dish

Christmas is made of characteristic flavors that accompany us since childhood, given above all by spices.
Putting a pack of cinnamon in Christmas baskets, made ad hoc by skilled craftsmen, means rediscovering the magic of the holiday.

You can also choose a fun set with all the aromatic herbs, which are always missing in the kitchen just when you need a pinch of parsley, sage, pepper or oregano to complete the dish.

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