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Discover the best condiments for gourmet vegetarian pasta

Discover the best condiments for gourmet vegetarian pasta

Bring gourmet vegetarian pasta to the table

If you are here, what you want is to bring to the table a good plate of gourmet vegetarian pasta. You are looking for a unique condiment capable of conquering all your guests, even the most demanding ones. If that’s your goal, you’ve come to the right place. We at DF Gourmet are lovers of goodness and we know that the word pasta is synonymous with Italianness and good food. Pasta is one of the richest and tastiest dishes, easy and quick to prepare and serve.

Thanks to the multiplicity of ideas and possible combinations, you can create original and delicious recipes that can give the palate new flavors. Here is a list of suggestions to season gourmet vegetarian pasta in a tasty way.

Vegetarian carbonara: a very tasty and simple recipe

Have you ever thought of preparing a vegetarian carbonara? If you don’t know what it is, this is the time to prepare and taste it. Put some yellow peppers in the oven for an hour and in the meantime, cook the pasta. Then cut some diced tofu and fry it with a little paprika over medium heat.

When the peppers are ready, blend them and add them to the tofu in the pan. Stir, add a little salt and then the cooked pasta. Serve with a sprinkling of salted ricotta. For this preparation based on gourmet vegetarian pasta, it is advisable to use spaghetti.

The tasty pasta alla Sorrentina

Pasta alla Sorrentina is a classic of the Campania region. It is simple in ingredients, but elaborate in taste! To prepare it, pour the tomato sauce and a drizzle of oil into a pan together with a peeled garlic, season with salt and add a few basil leaves. Meanwhile, prepare the pasta – better short, like penne or fusilli – and pour it into the sauce when it is ready. Pour everything into a baking dish, cover with mozzarella and Parmesan, and bake for 15 minutes.

This gourmet vegetarian pasta is easy to prepare and is a real treat. Everyone likes it, even children.

The special ash pasta

This dish with an unusual name offers a mix of flavors that explode in the mouth forkful after fork. To prepare it, boil some rigatoni and in the meantime coarsely blend some black olives. Take a slice of gorgonzola and cut the crust, finishing the rest into cubes. Pour it into the pan together with a little’ fresh cream. Melt over low heat and, once the pasta is ready, pour it into the cream cheese.

Over low heat, dry the sauce and season with the olives. At that point you will have nothing left to do but enjoy your gourmet vegetarian pasta!

Linguine with almond pesto

To close this roundup of condiments for gourmet vegetarian pasta, we want to mention this particular preparation: that of linguine with almond pesto. Start by blending the almonds, then add a little oil and basil and the zest of a lemon. Squeeze a little lemon into the same mixture. Dilute everything with hot water and stir to thicken the sauce. Pour the latter into the pan, together with the already cooked linguine. Serve with creativity and imagination and sprinkle a little pecorino cheese on the pasta… Then enjoy this mix of flavors!

The ingredients for your gourmet vegetarian pasta dishes

Did our recipes make your mouth water? Did they turn out to be a starting point for some dishes that you will prepare in the coming days? We hope so! Do not forget to use only genuine and high quality ingredients. Many useful products to prepare your gourmet vegetarian pasta dishes you will find them right in our shop. In a few clicks you can order them and receive them directly at home. Discover now the products we have selected for you!

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