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Corporate Christmas gifts food and wine: gift ideas for employees and managers

Corporate Christmas gifts food and wine: gift ideas for employees and managers

Corporate Christmas gifts food and wine

In recent years, more and more companies are committed to giving their employees gifts that recall the Christmas period. Although each company has its own internal policy, it is interesting to note that during the period leading up to Christmas there is a more engaging working climate.

This dynamic must not be overlooked if you want to have a profitable working environment that strengthens the group.

But what are the most popular corporate Christmas gifts ? Definitely the food and wine ones. In the next lines, with the help of, we will analyze the most interesting food and wine gift ideas for employees and managers.

The importance of the corporate gift: the spirit of Christmas

In an increasingly digital world, as pointed out in the ANSA article, companies are losing their relationship with physical gifts. This behavior brings with it many disadvantages to which the most important companies fortunately stay away. What are the reasons, then, for a corporate food and wine gift?

  • Grouping: a basket, or a Christmas gift box in its physical format guarantees a cohesion of the work group and a precise identity of the company. We often forget how important it is that the work team is cohesive and feels involved in the work project in which it has fallen.
  • Loyalty: giving a natural product to your employees or managers allows you to retain human resources and make them feel in a real family.
  • Brand identity: each gift can be customized according to the needs of the reference company, guaranteeing a precise identity and why not bringing with it an indirect advertising to its services. The ability of a basket to be immediately identified by others can make the difference to highlight the company’s qualities.
  • Quality of the company: all the most important companies give food and wine products to their employees. This differentiates them not only in the elegance of thought but also in demonstrating that the company cares about valuing its workers.
  • Gratitude for work: Many underestimate the importance of a Christmas corporate gift, but this can be perceived by employees as a recognition of the work done throughout the year and good wishes for the future. A recognition that stimulates the desire to do well of human resources and encourages love for the company for which they serve.

The characteristics of a corporate gift: unity is strength

Before taking a look at the most interesting food and wine ideas for employees and company managers, it is appropriate to dwell on the characteristics to be sought. Often we get lost in gifts that are not very functional or completely out of focus, let’s see what are the characteristics of an ideal Christmas corporate gift.

  • Packaging

Among the most important features of a Christmas gift there is certainly the packaging. A real business card that identifies not only the company, but that enhances above all the content given.

Voluminous baskets with graphics dedicated to Christmas can offer a surprise effect of sure impact that managers and employees will surely appreciate. As it is easy to imagine there are different formats and many types of packaging, it is important to know how to choose them according to the needs of the company and your way of presenting yourself to others.

  • Wine and more

In a quality package you can not miss the wine. Many companies value the local vineyards, but many others prefer to play it safe with the great classics.

The combination with other products is essential to offer a package that is beautiful to look at, but also functional in satisfying the most refined palates. From sparkling wine to panettone the solutions are endless, but we must not neglect a balanced assortment.

  • Originality

An original Christmas corporate gift is certainly not easy to choose, but it is a feature that can make the difference. The most innovative companies as a gift idea use Gourmet sweets, foods made to satisfy any palate presenting themselves with an unforgettable aesthetic.

The Christmas packages are a pleasure to observe and their interior, full of delicious sweets, gives great emotions during the long Christmas dinners.

  • Cost

In many cases, companies need to buy gifts for their employees with a fixed budget. In recent years the cost of a food and wine gift varies according to the needs of those who buy it, adapting with prices within everyone’s reach and always guaranteeing excellent products.

Surely a gift of important dimensions will have a higher cost, but you can search for your favorite products and focus only on those. We emphasize that the higher cost does not always guarantee the best solution for your company, but you must know how to adapt the gift to what you want to convey to your employees or managers.

  • Dimensions

A feature often underestimated is the size of the gift. A large company has many employees and being able to organize all the gifts in the best possible way is certainly not easy. It is therefore necessary to evaluate this aspect well and choose accordingly. Surely a large gift is suitable for business executives.

Gift ideas for employees and managers: a world in the world

Employees are the real engine of the company and we must enhance them with a tailor-made gift, but also the managers allow the machine to achieve the set objectives, how to best manage gifts?

Although many decide to buy identical gifts for employees and managers, we would like to emphasize that it is still necessary to differentiate the two types of work and relate Christmas gifts accordingly.

A gift idea for a manager focuses mainly on products of the highest quality that enhance their role, while for employees it is more appropriate to buy products of excellent quality, but that are not too intrusive either in cost or size.

Ideas for employees: value for money

There is no doubt that the best solution for your employees lies in the best value for money Christmas gifts. Compositions that embrace the previously listed characteristics and at the same time allow not to invest a disproportionate amount. Which products to focus on?


Food and wine: the goodness of home

All products in this category are perfect for meeting the needs of employees. From Gourmet desserts to chocolate, passing through the most suitable drinks for the family context at a fair cost. Dairy products are a good idea for gifts to employees, but also traditional panettone, jams and wines can do their part without disfiguring.

Gift baskets: the beauty of simplicity

A gift basket made for Christmas can be a perfect gift idea for those who do not have much time to decide on the products and want an already balanced and functional packaging. Surely employees will appreciate and will not be able to help but try the delicacies in them.

Gift ideas for executives: you have to dare a little

As anticipated in the previous lines, for a Christmas corporate gift to give to an executive, you have to go slightly further. In this case, taking a look at the DF-Gourmet catalog we can take a look at the artisan packaging.

Thanks to the creation of baskets such as Christmas Gift Box you can buy a wonderful gift full of quality products with an unforgettable packaging. You can choose different formats, starting from a gift idea in the standard packaging to get to the XL Christmas package where there are products of the highest range.

A good wine, sparkling wine or champagne can be the best choice for executives who will surely appreciate the packaging and its contents.

For those who want to buy an expensive product, but not in package format, you can opt for a fine wine or a panettone prepared by a starred chef. A gift of sure impact that will never reach the beauty of a Christmas Gift Box.

In the characteristics of an ideal gift we have emphasized how important packaging is. As also pointed out in the article on ANSA, more and more people love sustainable packaging.

Through the purchase of a pre-packaged basket you will have the security of buying a product designed to meet the needs of the customer and at the same time to protect the environment with artisan products and in many cases zero kilometer.

A beautiful package to look at is essential for the gift to an executive, the aesthetics in many cases must be enhanced in the right context and Christmas is the most fascinating time to highlight the beauty of the colors red, white and blue.


When buying a food and wine corporate gift it is important, in addition to evaluating its main characteristics, above all to rely on experts who know how to make quality products. DF-Gourmet has been committed for years to producing handmade packaging to satisfy the most eclectic tastes, satisfying employees and company executives for their Christmas gifts.

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