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Craft beer among the best in Italy: discover the beers of "32 Via dei Birrai"

Craft beer among the best in Italy- discover the beers of 32 Via dei Birrai

Choosing craft beer is a great idea

There are large companies that, in order to produce large quantities of beer, lower the quality of the drink offered. And then there are small breweries that offer a tasty craft beer. They place more value on quality and less importance on quantity. This is the case of 32 Via dei Birrai, a microbrewery that offers drinks with exceptional flavor and high quality. With its varied production, this reality of Pederobba in Treviso is today one of the most appreciated and we wanted to include it in our selection of gourmet drinks.

Many nuances of a unique and authentic beer

The production of 32 Via dei Birrai ranges from amber to dark bottom-fermented ones, with dense foams and refined aromas. Next to bottled beers there is also vinegar: many do not know it … But with craft beer you can also make a vinegar to say the least special!

L’Audace, la Oppale, la Tredue, la Curmi…: all the brand’s drinks are alcoholic and sparkling at the right point. They are the result of a particular care for the selection of the raw material and the millimeter attention of the master brewer. The latter and his collaborators expertly manage the instrumentation, thus coming to propose a range that includes about fifteen different beers to be discovered.

The secret behind craft beer production

To produce a delicious drink it is necessary not only to prefer the best raw materials and to know the techniques: you have to act at the right time of the year. Attention must also be paid to the various production phases and it is necessary to carefully monitor the evolution of the craft beer that is being prepared.

The specialists of 32 Via dei Birrai know perfectly well how sensitive this product can be to certain imperceptible details, even of the climate. Therefore, they also know how to behave and how to accompany the drink until bottling.

Why did we choose 32 Via dei Birrai?

What we told you led us to select the products of this microbrewery, but the reasons are also others. At DF-Gourmet you will only find food and drinks of the highest quality, genuine and tasty. This is definitely the case with 32 Via dei Birrai.

In fact, in addition to being produced with the best raw materials, their beers do not contain ingredients such as corn syrup. In their craft beer there are no corrections and no other tricks are used that too often many brands use to propose a beer of a not too high quality.

The beers of 32 Via dei Birrai are drinks that can be enjoyed in the glass, but not in a quartino glass of wine. They are perfect for connoisseurs who love complex flavors and hints different from the usual.

In addition to the different beers offered, the microbrewery follows its moments of creativity and takes advantage of every good opportunity to make limited edition drinks. If, for example, a load of raw materials with very peculiar characteristics arrives at their headquarters, we could certainly expect the production of an even more spectacular craft beer immediately!

Craft beer to try as soon as possible

As you may have understood, those proposed by 32 Via dei Birrai are products of excellence. The master brewers personally select the yeasts for fermentation and use the best production techniques. They follow tradition and use their sensory abilities to recognize the characteristics of fermentation or baking. With one of their excellences in hand, you can say that you have never drunk a craft beer like this! Where can you find the products of 32 Via dei Birrai? In the section we have dedicated to the best gourmet drinks!

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