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Gift ideas: discover how to make DIY Christmas baskets of gourmet products

Gift ideas: discover how to make DIY Christmas baskets of gourmet products

Making Christmas baskets with gourmet products

Are you looking for exclusive Christmas gift ideas with which to conquer even the most demanding palates? In this case you can create, or customize as you prefer, Christmas baskets with numerous gourmet products, such as sauces and condiments to make delicious recipes, but not only.

Remember that Christmas baskets are not all the same and only some stand out for the refinement of the content. Selecting the most popular delicacies and specialties will be very easy by visiting our shop.

DIY Christmas baskets

There are many reasons that lead to the purchase of a Christmas basket, to be composed according to your taste or considering the preferences of those who will receive it as a gift. This refined present is suitable for everyone and allows you to stand out in style, as well as to make a great impression.

In fact, when the Christmas baskets are discarded, the lucky ones will be able to find many niche products, such as those with the IGP brand and difficult to find at large retailers. You can make your Christmas baskets with a few or many delights, depending on the budget you have and the final result you want to achieve.

In any case, you will be sure not to make mistakes and to leave the recipient of this gift always very much appreciated, pleasantly speechless . Also consider that DIY Christmas baskets are ideal as corporate gifts, to be distributed to employees, loyal customers or suppliers.

They are also a good choice to show esteem, affection and when you do not want to avoid buying something too personal.

How to compose a DIY Christmas basket do it yourself

When it comes time to compose the Christmas basket it will be a lot of fun and you can give free rein to your creativity. The choice of gourmet products is in fact quite wide, an aspect that allows you to easily find what you had in mind.

You can, for example, start making a well-assorted Christmas basket, therefore with sweet and savory foods, such as condiments that boast a long family tradition, carefully selected and made with genuine raw materials. Inside your basket you can then insert tuna sauce, Genoese pesto, Italian tomato pulp or the much-loved rabbit sauce.

Of course, every self-respecting DIY Christmas basket must also include a homemade panettone, better if combined with pandoro with mascarpone that manages to satisfy everyone, even the most sophisticated palates.

Do not miss the products that are part of the Sicilian tradition, such as caponata made with tuna and eggplant, Trapani sea salt flavored with orange, lemon or rosemary, fennel sauce and much more.

Other useful tips for DIY Christmas baskets with gourmet products

Personalizing Christmas baskets with gourmet products also means adding a touch of originality and for this reason do not miss the wide selection of jams and jams, as well as the most sought after sparkling wines to toast during the holidays, many of which are composed of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, made with hand-picked grapes and fermented in the bottle according to the classic method.

In addition to the bubbles it is advisable to take a look at the red or white gourmet wines, many of which are produced in purity, which release delicate aromas of fruit and go well with many meat or fish recipes.

If there is something that you can not do without throughout the winter season and during the Christmas holidays are legumes and dried fruit, with high energy power and pleasant to enjoy in the company of the whole family.

To make the basket even more inviting, do not neglect the typical sweets of the national and local tradition , including the irresistible baci di dama, bacioli with turmeric, with Venere rice, with tomato and oregano, blueberry tarts, puff pastry and many other proposals to be consumed at the end of a meal, for breakfast or during a break.

Why order DIY Christmas baskets with gourmet products?

When the rush for gifts arrives there is always the risk of making mistakes, then falling back on discounted, trivial and already seen gifts. By choosing a DIY basket with gourmet products you can make a special gift, because it is not the usual box with easily available food.

The specialties that make up this gourmet basket so fine can be consumed during Christmas Eve, for a delicious aperitif, a refined lunch or dinner, as well as to organize a buffet with guests who arrive suddenly.

Unlike many other gifts, often devoid of usefulness or emotional meaning, the Christmas basket with gourmet products warms the heart and will make the person who finds it under the tree feel important. The fact of being able to customize it turns out to be an opportunity to make everything even more unique.

Where to find DIY Christmas baskets with gourmet products

You won’t have to do long research going around the shops in order to make the gourmet Christmas basket that you have had in mind for some time. Every single specialty, sweet or savory, is available directly on the DF Gourmet online shop. Scrolling through the catalog, constantly updated, you will also find the unmissable Christmas specialties, such as panettone , pandoro and bubbles for a memorable toast.

The only thing to do is to insert the products you like most in the cart and select the gift box, for a presentation that will surprise and perfectly in line with the Christmas atmosphere. The goods will arrive in a few days at the address you have specified and therefore you will avoid long queues, parking and exhausting searches in order to find the perfect gift suitable for everyone.

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