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Egg pasta: discover the types of egg pasta produced by Marco Giacosa

Egg pasta- discover the types of egg pasta produced by Marco Giacosa

Marco Giacosa‘s pasta factory, located in the Piedmontese Langhe, is one of the Italian gastronomic excellences in terms of making egg pasta.

The uniqueness of the raw materials, such as flour and eggs, both km0, and the undisputed quality of the dough processing methods, which reflect the art of cold rolling and hand cutting, are a guarantee of a high-level artisan product throughout the Italian scene.

Marco Giacosa’s egg pasta is among the best products that can be used for the realization of gourmet pacts: the variety of the dough of each type of pasta and the different textures allow you to experiment with innovative reinterpretations of traditional culinary masterpieces.

Egg pasta: fettuccine

Fettuccine have always been a great classic of Italian cuisine, especially if made using a dough with eggs. Marco Giacosa’s fettuccine are perfect for preparing an excellent warm and welcoming dish, ideal for gloomy or gloomy days of cold seasons.

Dressing them with pumpkin cream from Mantua or with chanterelles browned in a pan is certainly a winning idea, even more so if you garnish everything with chopped Piedmontese hazelnuts.

Egg pasta: tagliolini with rosemary

What differentiates a tagliolino from a tagliatella is only the width of the pasta, since in the tagliolino it is lower than the tagliatella, so much so that it seems to be closer to a spaghettone.

This is a purely spring egg pasta format, as well as its most typical condiments: saffron, shrimp and zucchini flowers make the dish a riot of colors, as well as flavors.

Imagine combining the excellent quality of Marco Giacosa’s tagliolini with the almost balsamic and inebriating flavor of rosemary from the Langhe territory, and you will certainly get a base of extraordinary enveloping and sublime goodness to make the most disparate and varied gourmet dishes.

Marco Giacosa’s egg rosemary tagliolini are a culinary innovation of great value: accompanied by rabbit sauce, green apple and Taggiasca olives, they will be a guaranteed success for your culinary exploits.

Egg pasta: tagliatelle, a timeless classic

Another exceptional premium product of the culinary and Piedmontese tradition, Marco Giacosa’s egg tagliatelle will offer an unparalleled taste experience: the silky dough and craftsmanship will guarantee, among other things, a quick cooking time, as well as a versatility of seasoning combination.

Perfect for any time of the day, this type of egg pasta by Marco Giacosa will make your first course an ecstatic journey through medieval Bologna.

This is another brilliant combination of Marco Giacosa: combining an ingredient as rich and decisive as radicchio di Treviso, with the delicate egg tagliatelle, creates a unique combination of flavors, giving life to a vivid and contrasted dough like its flavor.

Marco Giacosa’s tagliatelle with radicchio all’uovo have rubeosic nuances, almost reminiscent of brushstrokes on a white canvas. An onion-based condiment is ideal for creating a unique interweaving of flavors.

Making an egg noodle using buckwheat is a procedure as ambitious as it is courageous. Challenging tradition is not always synonymous with titania: often, in fact, giving a new face to the most famous classics of Italian cuisine can even accentuate their greatness.

Marco Giacosa‘s buckwheat tagliatelle are the perfect example of how to renew the history of a centuries-old product of Italian cuisine, while maintaining its fame and accentuating its flavors. Served with a tasty tomato soup, they can refresh your gourmet dishes!

Egg pasta: the perfect dough to make tasty lasagna

Whether they are to be seasoned with classic meat sauce or game sauce, Marco Giacosa’s egg puff pastry is synonymous with Italian excellence for the realization of tasty lasagna. Also perfect to give vent to your creativity and make gourmet lasagna, based on pesto, potatoes, béchamel sauce and Parmesan cheese.

If you are sure you want to prepare plant-based lasagna, Marco Giacosa’s basil puff pastry is the choice to make to create a breathtaking dish. Whether they are lasagna with pesto, mushrooms or artichokes, the lightness of the dough and its creaminess will be able to give you great satisfaction on the palate. Another example of innovation combined with tradition!

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