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Filippi di Vicenza: here's why we think it's the best gourmet panettone

Filippi di Vicenza: here's why we think it's the best gourmet panettone

The gourmet panettone Filippi of Vicenza

The Filippi panettone of Vicenza is considered a real gourmet panettone with a safe and certified quality. What should you know about such an amazing and tasty product? This dessert capable of offering an intense organoleptic experience boasts many important characteristics. Read on to learn more. In this article we are going to show you a series of details that will also allow you to start considering this product as the best in the industry.

Pasticceria Filippi, a story that starts from far away

The history of Pasticceria Filippi starts in the 70s. Near Vicenza, Maria and Giuliano began to create their first baked cakes, always using a naturally leavened system. Since the beginning, the company has been recognized for its high quality standards and cutting-edge recipes, based on genuine and tasty ingredients. Today the sons Andrea and Lorenzo carry on the family tradition with extraordinary results and proposing a gourmet panettone capable of conquering everyone.

The choice of unique ingredients for a unique gourmet panettone

As mentioned above, the choice of ingredients is one of the highest prerogatives able to make the Filippi di Vicenza panettone a gourmet dessert to be appreciated. The foods are selected with extreme care, preferring the best producers in the area. This allows the family business to offer every time a goodness out of the ordinary, both to those who prefer gourmet panettone and to lovers of other desserts.

Pasticceria Filippi uses eggs from hens raised outdoors and always on the ground and chooses fruit with excellent taste. Each citrus fruit is peeled by hand and candied according to natural systems, without forgetting the use of butter and flour of certified quality. The picture is completed by sourdough and honey from the Euganean Hills (especially acacia, lavender, heather and chestnut). Each product included in the blend follows the strengths of Made in Italy and is designed according to natural systems, without any artificial aroma.

Attention at every stage of production

To all this, we must add that the gourmet panettone of Pasticceria Filippi knows how to strike you thanks to its appearance. It’s beautiful outside and good inside. The company expertly packages each dessert, with the intention of arousing a feeling of pure joy and welcome. Those who choose to taste a Filippi panettone realize from the first glance – and then from the tasting – that the production is completed with extreme attention, step by step.

The Filippi company has always been committed to maintaining high quality standards and production rates. This has led to a constant growth for the company, which however has remained a family artisan business where shared values and a lot of passion for pastry reign. Pasticceria Filippi offers a gourmet Italian panettone with an unmistakable taste, but also many other products appreciated in many other parts of the world.

Looking for the best gourmet panettone

The genuineness of the ingredients, the passion, the family management and the attention to detail make this product an excellent panettone from every point of view. All this impressed us a lot and, in fact, according to us at DF Gourmet, the Filippi di Vicenza panettone is the best in its sector.

Our intent has always been to bring high quality products to our shop. Precisely for this reason we have decided to offer our customers also the gourmet panettone made by Pasticceria Filippi. Do you want to taste it too? You can find and buy it in a few clicks. We will take home all the goodness and craftsmanship of this company, with a product that can conquer you from the first glance and convince you from the first taste.

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