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Frantoio D'Orazio: a gourmet extra virgin olive oil to collect

Frantoio D'Orazio: a gourmet extra virgin olive oil to collect

Gourmet extra virgin olive oil

Are you looking for a gourmet extra virgin olive oil? Yes, even the oil can be defined as such: the important thing is that it boasts certain characteristics. As you can see by reading our blog and viewing our products, on DF-Gourmet you can find just this type of food. We always strive for excellence, authenticity and quality, even when it comes to oil and vinegar, and we only choose producers who ensure authentic products.

When it comes to extra virgin olive oil, we can only offer our customers Frantoio D’Orazio products.

A production of excellence

Il Frantoio d’Orazio is a totally artisanal production house located in Conversano (Bari). Its family history, which takes up the ancient traditional artisan production, is written in the veins of the centuries-old olive trees of the Apulian land. Uncle and nephew, Peppino and Francesco, still cultivate their trees together. Thus, merging the passion for local history and love for innovation, Frantoio D’Orazio manages to offer an excellent gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

The company shows us every day that commitment, beauty and mother earth are still values that can compete with the modern market.

What’s special about Frantoio d’Orazio’s gourmet extra virgin olive oil?

If you are wondering why this product is better than others, the first thing you need to know is that we are talking about an extra virgin olive oil of certified quality. In 2019 Frantoio D’Orazio even won the silver medal in the London International Olive Oil Competition, guaranteeing visibility also in international territory. This says a lot about the products of this oil mill, doesn’t it?

In addition to goodness and quality we must say that the gourmet extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio D’Orazio also boasts an artistic finesse that few other products can boast. The company offers a real range of products that many people collect. To conquer collectors is the peculiarity of the design of glass bottles. The latter make the oil of the Apulian oil mill also a precious product remarkable from an artistic point of view.

The collections of Frantoio D’Orazio

There are several collections that the Frantoio D’Orazio wanted to launch in collaboration with many local artists. One of them is the Christmas collection. In this case, the gourmet extra virgin olive oil is stored in tin bottles with a typically winter and Christmas design. This collection is designed for those who love to make traditional gifts, but still with a touch of class!

The company also offers the Mediterranea collection, perfect for those who love the typically Italian style, the one that recalls the earth, the green of the scrub and the blue of the sky. Among the collections there is also the Olio d’autore line, created in collaboration with the Florentine painter Luca Alinari. The artist’s brush makes the tin of this precious oil shine with bright tones.

The gourmet extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio D’Orazio is also available in the Opera version: a special edition of bottles entirely decorated by hand according to the typical motifs of Apulian majolica. The oil mill also offers the Aqua and Elementa collections. The first gives us soft, warm and summer tones, with a predominance of shades of marine blue. The second is characterized by elementary shapes and geometric patterns.

What is the perfect gourmet extra virgin olive oil collection for you?

If the beauties of Frantoio D’Orazio fascinate you and you want to taste a high quality gourmet extra virgin olive oil , you just have to rely on us! On our shop you will find the best oils in Italy (some based on Taggiasca olives) and the products of this oil mill of excellence. They can be a great gift for those you love, you can collect them and also use them for the preparation of tasty recipes.

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