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Gourmet Easter baskets: wonderful gastronomic gift ideas to buy online

Gourmet Easter baskets: wonderful gastronomic gift ideas to buy online

Gourmet Easter baskets that break the heart… and on the palate!

What’s better than gourmet Easter baskets to give to colleagues or family at a festive event? The secret to a successful gift, however, is to conquer those who receive it, in short, to meet their tastes and desires.

Precisely for this reason the festive baskets should be customized according to the recipient of the gift, or so assorted as to make everyone agree.

Let’s discover together some gift ideas to do such as Easter baskets, greetings, festive cadeau, present for an anniversary or an important anniversary.

Not only cold cuts, cold cuts and cheeses: gourmet Easter baskets, Christmas gifts and holiday gifts must be rich in alternative, curious, prestigious, delicious and quality foods!

Extra virgin olive oil, a product always appreciated in Easter baskets

Practically every Italian keeps a bottle of olive oil in his pantry, because it is a typically Mediterranean food, an Italian excellence exported and appreciated all over the world.

If seed oil is more suitable for frying, olive oil is a versatile condiment, suitable for many preparations: it is used raw to give taste to salads, on croutons and bruschetta, inside traditional soups and soups.

Not only that, olive oil is a beneficial food rich in trace minerals and nutrients, perfect in purity, simply on top of raw vegetables and pinzimonio.

The peculiarity of this product is that there are dozens of qualities of olives in nature, with which different aromas and scents are obtained.

Do you want to give a taste-box with Taggiasca olive oil? The Easter basket full of bottles signed with the Andria label will be the winning choice for those who love delicate and fruity flavors. From the Riviera di Ponente comes a perfect oil to season without covering, enveloping but at the same time elegant.

For those who have the artist’s ball, a gift box with hand-painted oil bottles is the right gift to the friend who loves beautiful things and made in an artisanal way.

Gourmet Easter baskets for true gourmets

Pasta and rice are other typically Italian products that envy us all over the world.

The Sardinian fregula for example is a pasta format that is prepared especially in the magnificent island of Sardinia, and can be seasoned with many traditional sauces: fantastic in the broth, but also dry with shrimp and cuttlefish ink for a first course of sea, it is an authentic delight to give and to receive.

In addition to the scent of Sardinia, you can travel to Liguria with an Easter basket full of Taggiasca olives in oil, trofie, pesto alla genovese with or without garlic: here is the perfect recipe for a lunch with friends and colleagues, even improvised and last minute!

Little desire to cook in summer? Rice in salads can become a real gourmet single dish, as confirmed by the ideas of the most histrionic and innovative chefs, those who love to take risks.

The classy rice salad can be cooked with black Venere rice, and with ingredients different from the usual, nonconformist, such as rabbit tuna and a cauliflower tartare.

Curious about the taste and the combination between the sweetness of the vegetable and the salinity of the sea preserve? The game and the contrast of textures will be a real surprise on the palate.

Easter baskets made from jars of honey

Another gift idea that will appeal especially to people who love herbal teas and rusks, but gourmet!
Honey is an excellent food, rich in nutrients, a valid alternative to the classic jam, compote and jam for breakfast.

Certainly with honey you can make lighter and less caloric rusks, so they are to be tried instead of the classic butter and jam or hazelnut spreadable cream.

With honey in all its facets you can make delicious sauces to accompany red meat, second courses of game and game such as wild boar, hare, deer and roe deer.

Let’s take an example from Trentino cuisine and its fantastic honey, also used to cook sour creams of red fruits.

Trento honey is exquisite in all its nuances of taste, from hints of alfalfa, thistle and clover, to the undergrowth of heather and pollen. Click here to discover all the types of honeys in Trentino.

Honey, regional pasta, oil and wine, rice and other typically Italian excellences: with the right products you can customize your Easter baskets with prestigious and quality products. And discarding them will be a success!

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