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The best gourmet fish recipes for special occasions

The best gourmet fish recipes for special occasions

Gourmet fish recipes for all tastes

Do you want to bring to the table new gourmet fish recipes? If you answered yes, this is definitely the article for you. Read on to find many unique and delicious recipes, to try as soon as possible.

Puff pastry baskets with lime-flavored shrimp cocktail

Are you looking for an easy-to-make dish that is at the same time suggestive? In this case we recommend the red shrimp cocktail, one of the most appreciated gourmet fish recipes by Italians. Simple to prepare and economical, this fresh dish has a strong taste of shrimp and a scent of lime-flavored mayonnaise. It is a recipe that everyone agrees and that lends itself very well to being accompanied by baskets of puff pastry.

You can buy ready-made baskets or buy or prepare puff pastry and cut it into pieces and then form the baskets with the help of small aluminum containers. These can be brushed with a little milk or beaten egg and then baked in the oven for about ten minutes at 200 ° C. The shrimp can be boiled and then seasoned with a little pink sauce (consisting of ketchup, mayonnaise and brandy). At this point you can assemble your baskets of puff pastry with the shrimp cocktail and success will be assured!

A second course based on salmon with datterini tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and capers

You have little time to cook, but you don’t want to make the usual dishes? In view of summer it is important to know some gourmet recipes of fresh fish and quick to prepare. Some are perfect to introduce to friends, even when we decide to organize a special evening at the last minute. This is the case of salmon cooked in a pan with datterini tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and capers.

You can prepare this second course of great effect simply by combining the ingredients in a pan with a little oil and leaving to cook for a few minutes. For an even more chic presentation, perfect for those who love gourmet fish recipes, you can cut the fish into cubes before cooking it. Once cooked, you can place it in many glass cups: ideal for a delicious appetizer! An alternative is to place the salmon in a crust of carasau bread. In this way you will get an even more crunchy and delicious effect.

The amberjack Mediterranean style

It is difficult to resist gourmet fish recipes when they refer to the colors and scents of the Mediterranean scrub. The amberjack, combined with capers, arugula, Taggiasca olives and anchovies, makes just this effect. It looks like a riot of taste that will make you believe you are by the sea. For three or four people, you will need:

  • 1 kg of fresh amberjack,
  • a glass of dry white wine,
  • capers, rocket, Taggiasca olives and anchovies to taste
  • salt, extra virgin olive oil and garlic to taste

Put the garlic to fry in a large pan and add the clean, scaled amberjack. Combine the olives, capers and white wine. Brown the fish on both sides. Pass everything in a baking dish, add a little oil and bake at 180 ° C for about 35 minutes . For the first 15-20 minutes, keep the baking sheet covered with aluminum foil. At the end of cooking, serve with imagination and serve alongside a good white wine. Your guests can even award you a Michelin star!

The fregula with mullet and broad beans

Another of the most deliciousgourmet fish recipes is that of fregola (“fregula” in Sardinian dialect) with mullet and broad beans. To prepare this dish, peel the beans and leave them for a few minutes in boiling water. Then drain and let them cool. You can simmer the mullet into pieces, putting them in a saucepan with coarse salt and a little butter. After about 8 minutes, add chopped celery and shallots and let it dry over low heat. Add a little tomato pulp and sprinkle with a little water.

Meanwhile, remove the skin from the beans, sauté onion and put the beans to flavor. You can add a mint leaf and make it even more gourmet. When cooked, adjust the red mullet with salt and pepper. Serve the cooked fregula by placing the red mullet on it and sprinkling everything with the broad beans and the fish cooking broth.

The ingredients for your gourmet fish recipes

Now that you have some ideas and some culinary inspirations, all you have to do is choose the best ingredients. You can find many useful products for the preparation of your gourmet fish recipes directly in our shop. We’re waiting for you!

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