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Discover the taste of Val D’Aosta with Alpenzu gourmet marmalades and jams

Discover the taste of Val D'Aosta with Alpenzu gourmet marmalades and jams

Alpenzu gourmet marmalades and jams: Aosta Valley excellence

Jams and gourmet jams are excellent products to be included in the right measure within our daily diet. The excellence of Alpenzu Valley allows us to taste genuine, tasty and quality food. Bring to the table all the flavor of Val D’Aosta by choosing the most suitable products for you.

From a dream to the table

The jams and gourmet jams of this fantastic brand are produced in a small village in Val D’Aosta called Alpenzu. The production of the homonymous company was born from the dream of a family that has set itself the goal of enhancing the flavors of their lands, giving rise to products made with care.

Today this reality offers a wide range of products that allow you to savor the quality and genuineness of carefully selected fruit. Alpenzu jams and marmalades contain neither preservatives nor dyes. They are made with the latest generation machinery, without forgetting the traditions of the place where they were born.

Choose gourmet marmalades and jams to bring unmistakable flavors to the table

Even if you have never visited Valle D’Aosta, we recommend that you taste its flavors. With the delicious products of Alpenzu you can do this and try an excellent organoleptic experience. The company’s gourmet jams and marmalades are the result of careful daily work, where the raw materials are carefully selected. All production processes are conducted at the highest levels to guarantee a quality final product according to the most modern control standards.

Alpenzu offers jams and marmalades with the most usual flavors, such as orange, apricot and berries. It also offers more particular products, such as rosehip jam, flavored with spices, which become even more gourmet! Cinnamon, juniper and thyme: these are some of the inebriating tastes and aromas offered by Alpenzu. Among compotes and extra jams, you will be spoiled for choice and you can bring to the table special flavors and textures to say the least unique.

Some tips to pair these delights with your favorite cheeses

Why enjoy these delicacies only on bread or in desserts? With gourmet gourmet marmalades and jams you have to create gourmet dishes! You can succeed in this venture by choosing elaborate recipes, but also simply by combining these products with the best Italian cheeses.

To give an example, with goat cheeses you can taste the compote of wild strawberries with a pinch of ground black pepper. The sheep ones are perfect in combination with the extra rennet apple jam with verbena. Cow’s milk cheeses, on the other hand, are excellent together with orange compote.

Not only cheeses…

Clearly what we have listed are just some ideas that have already met with numerous appreciation. Therefore, they will allow you to play it safe. Of course, though, you don’t have to stop there. What you should do is give the green light to creativity. With a little imagination and using Alpenzu gourmet marmalades and jams you can really invent wonderful recipes both sweet and savory.

It’s time to bring to the table the flavor of Valle D’Aosta with these gourmet marmalades and jams

As you may have understood, thanks to these delicious and genuine products we can get to work and create fantastic (and even simple) gourmet dishes. They will have a unique flavor and offer many aromas and nuances of flavor. You can find the prestigious Alpenzu gourmet jams and marmalades directly in our shop, within the dedicated category. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information: we are here to offer you quality and also to help you make the right choice for you!

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