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Gourmet pizza vegetable vegetarian: discover the recipe and ingredients

gourmet pizza vegetable vegetarian

Do you want to enjoy a gourmet pizza vegetable vegetarian?

For us Italians, pizza is almost a must, isn’t it? The vegetarian gourmet pizza is one of the most requested in recent times: it is genuine and very tasty. Not always, however, we can go to the pizzeria to taste one. It is also clear that not every time you can find a pizza that can satisfy us. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn how to prepare it at home! First, however, we need a brief introduction.

What is meant by “gourmet pizza”?

In the culinary field, by now, it has become a fashion to replace or modify traditional recipes, making them even more delicious and special. Very often new highly original recipes are also invented, created with ingredients with a unique flavor. Today, even pizzas become gourmet, precisely because the recipes are revisited using extra ingredients or even just the highest quality ingredients. By doing so you can propose dishes to say the least greedy, but also innovative, modern and beautiful to see.

To prepare a vegetarian ortolana gourmet pizza, just like the most famous chefs do, you will need genuine and remarkably qualitative raw materials. In this way you can prepare a light and digestible dough and a delicious seasoning.


For the dough:

For the seasoning:

  • 250 g mozzarella (drained weight),
  • 300 g of tomato puree,
  • Extra virgin olive oil, basil, salt and pepper to taste,
  • Vegetables to taste (e.g. a zucchini, an eggplant, a pepper and a little radicchio).

The preparation of gourmet pizza vegetable vegetarian

To prepare your pizza the first thing to do is heat 200 ml of water in a saucepan. When it has become lukewarm, put some in a glass and dissolve the yeast inside. Then heat the milk slightly. Pour the flour into the bowl together with the dissolved yeast and extra virgin olive oil. Start kneading and add the rest of the water, milk and salt a little at a time. Remove from the bowl and knead everything until you get a smooth and homogeneous dough.

Form a ball of dough, lightly flour it and make a cross cut on the surface. Put the ball back in the bowl, cover it with a cloth and let it rise for at least 2 hours in a dry place. Towards the end of the rest time, start preparing the topping of your vegetarian gourmet pizza ortolana:

  • Cut the mozzarella into small pieces.
  • Cut vegetables into strips or thin slices (you can use a potato peeler).
  • Season the tomato puree with oil, salt and pepper.

After the rising time, take the dough, knead it a little more and then roll it out with a rolling pin on baking paper. Put the base on the baking sheet and make the side edges using your fingers.

The next steps

To season the gourmet pizza vegetable vegetarian, distribute the tomato on the base and then move on to the vegetables. Add a little oil and put in a preheated oven at 230 ° – 250 ° C. The pizza will have to cook for about 15 minutes total, but you will have to adjust according to the characteristics of your oven. Two minutes before the end of cooking, remove from the oven and add the mozzarella. Bake again gourmet pizza vegetable vegetarian and let it finish cooking.

When you bake you will have nothing left to do but add a little’ basil in the center … and enjoy your vegetarian Ortolana gourmet pizza!

Where can you find the best ingredients to prepare your vegetarian gourmet ortolana pizza?

As you may have understood, to prepare this vegetarian delicacy you will need fresh seasonal vegetables, even better if organic. The other ingredients must also be of quality. There are plenty of shops that can offer you what you need, but if you’re looking for excellent products, take a look at DF-Gourmet. We select only the proposals of the best producers. From flour to tomato sauce, discover now the products that will help you prepare a unique gourmet pizza vegetable vegetarian !

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