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Gourmet rice salad: discover the recipe and ingredients of this cold dish

Gourmet rice salad- discover the recipe and ingredients of this cold dish

Over the years, the way of interpreting dishes and working dishes has gradually evolved to distort the vision of some dishes in particular. Rice salad has always been considered a hasty and trivial dish, a last-minute course to prepare when you don’t have much time to cook.

Preparing the gourmet rice salad, however, was the turning point to make it a rich, tasty first course and highly appreciated for its elegance and sophistication. There are several recipes for making a gourmet rice salad, very varied and diversified. Let’s see, now, two of the best recipes for the preparation of a perfect gourmet rice salad!

Gourmet rice salad: a fresh and inviting dish, with a touch of high quality chic

Like any great self-respecting recipe, even for the realization of the gourmet rice salad it is necessary to use raw materials of excellent quality. In this recipe, in particular, you need to procure:

  • Carnaroli Rice Reserve San Massimo
  • Morgan’s Giardiniera Orto Fondente
  • Chili pepper dressing Frantoio Muraglia
  • Trapani sea salt with rosemary Sicily Temptations
  • Tuna in olive oil Riolfi Sapori

For the preparation of the gourmet rice salad, it is first necessary to prepare a pot of water and bring the liquid to a boil, and then immediately continue with the addition of a pinch of Trapani sea salt flavored with rosemary.

The salt will allow the boiling water to soak the heady and almost balsamic flavor of rosemary, laying the foundations for the creation of a high-level gourmet dish.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to dip the Carnaroli rice in the pot, being very attentive to the cooking time. Carnaroli Riserva San Massimo rice has excellent characteristics including low stickiness, the compactness of the grain, the perfect cooking resistance and the abundant percentage of starch: choosing it for the preparation of this fantastic dish is certainly a guarantee of success.

Once the rice has been cooked by tasting, continue draining it from the water into the pot and transferring it to a separate bowl, in which the rice will station until it has reached the complete b.

The seasoning is a crucial phase that requires a precise dosage, since a certain proportionality in quantity between seasoning and rice must be respected: if you put too little you risk annihilating the flavor of the dish, reducing it and limiting it to rice only.

Conversely, if you exaggerate with the seasoning, the result will be equally insufficient, since the rice would be completely overwhelmed by it, diminishing its flavor rather than enhancing it. It is therefore necessary to season the rice with Morgan’s Orto Fondente giardiniera and with the jar of tuna in olive oil Riolfi Sapori.

Once the rice seasoning has been perfectly mixed, making sure that the juices of the first have sufficiently soaked the structure of the second, it is possible to complete using the Frantoio Muraglia chilli pepper dressing as a topping , dosing it at will according to the degree of spiciness that you want to give to the dish.

The end result will be a fresh, rich and elegant gourmet rice salad!

Gourmet black rice salad: how to make a rice salad refined

Black, in the kitchen as in fashion, is the color of elegance and refinement, and it can also be used to make a simple gourmet rice salad a culinary masterpiece.

For this alternative recipe you must use the following ingredients:

  • Cauliflower tartare from Morgan’s Giardiniera
  • Trapani sea salt with Sicilian rosemary Temptations
  • Piedmontese rabbit tuna with aromatic herbs of Riolfi Sapori
  • Lemon dressing by Frantoio Muraglia

For a high-level gourmet rice salad, the obsessiveness in the choice of raw materials is never excessive. The Riso Buono Artemide Gran Riserva Bormioli was obtained by crossing an Indica type rice with Venere rice, which makes it unique in its kind in the entire Italian gastronomic scene.

It boasts numerous organoleptic qualities, such as its richness in inorganic minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron, but also its abundance of B vitamins.

For the preparation, also in this recipe the first thing to do is the salting of the water in boiling using the sea salt flavored with rosemary.

Once the rice has been dipped and cooked according to the predetermined time, it will be drained and put to rest in a separate container.

Only when the rice has cooled, you can proceed with the seasoning phase of the dish: even in this case, great care must be taken in the dosage of the sauce, in order to find the right balance that can combine all the flavors, rice and seasoning, avoiding that none of them prevails over the other.

We will therefore proceed with the addition first of the cauliflower tartare and then the Piedmontese rabbit will be added, both of the gastronomic excellences of refined goodness and refinement.

At this point, to conclude with a flourish, it will be enough to percolate on the almost completed dish another all-Italian masterpiece, the extra virgin olive oil of the Frantoio Muraglia worked and flavored with lemon of Rocca Imperiale I.G.P., the right ingredient to complete the aromatic palette of the salad: sweetness, flavor, bitterness and acidity will be found in a harmonious dance of flavors and textures.

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