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The best vegetarian and vegan gourmet recipes to impress your guests

The best vegetarian and vegan gourmet recipes to impress your guests

It’s time to prepare new vegetarian and vegan gourmet recipes!

Are you a lover of vegetarian and vegan gourmet recipes? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. When you choose to bring to the table dishes of this type, you must strive not to miss meat and fish. There are many alternatives. Just think of the Mediterranean cuisine that offers simple and famous spaghetti with sauce, eggplant parmigiana, many other vegetarian dishes and some also suitable for vegans.

Continuing to read you will find some indications that will allow you to create dishes capable of surprising your guests. We have chosen a couple of vegetarian gourmet recipes and some ideas that will help you satisfy everyone’s palates, even the most refined and demanding guests.

Smoked zucchini flower and mustard

The recipe for smoked zucchini flower and mustard is perfect for vegans and vegetarians and, of course, also for those who eat meat and fish and love all the most special dishes! The ingredients of this recipe are:

  • 4 mallow flowers,
  • 2 zucchini with flower,
  • 16 sorrel leaves,
  • salt to taste,
  • 2 teaspoons mustard.

If you want to prepare homemade mustard, you can soak two types of mustard seeds in water. After two days, when they have swelled, you can use the blender to whip the mustard. To the seeds you will have to add a little’ olive oil and apple cider vinegar and also a teaspoon of honey. This delicious sauce can help you make many delicious vegetarian and vegan gourmet recipes.

Returning to the zucchini flower recipe, you will have to boil the hard part of the zucchini, leaving aside the flowers. You will have to smoke the flowers of the vegetable cold, and then combine them with those of mallow, sorrel, mustard, salt and oil. Once done, you can serve the zucchini to taste, and then add the mix based on zucchini flowers. It is a simple, fast and tasty dish that will surely make a great impression!

The pasta salad with grapefruit and carrot

This is another of the vegetarian gourmet recipes that we want to recommend to you. It is a fresh dish, suitable for summer or spring. For the preparation you will need:

  • spaghetti
  • salt
  • centrifuged carrots (500 ml),
  • pink grapefruit centrifuge (500 ml),
  • a few slices of lime and orange,
  • Capers, basil and extra virgin olive oil to taste

Cook the spaghetti and let them cool. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, reduce the carrot and pink grapefruit centrifuged to low heat. When the juice has become a fluid sauce and a little darker, turn off the heat and strain the mixture. After letting it cool, you can add it to the spaghetti (without heating the dish too much) and serve adding capers, some pieces of orange and lime, a few basil leaves and oil.

Some tricks to turn the recipes you know into vegetarian or vegan gourmet recipes

Always remember that some recipes can become vegan or vegetarian in a very simple way. Just replace a few ingredients and you’re done! There are vegetable butters, seitan can be used instead of meat and in many cases you can do the same by preferring legumes or some vegetables.

With a little imagination and creativity you can bring to the table many delicious vegetarian gourmet recipes. To give an example, you can eliminate the meat inside the cannelloni and use spinach. You can create burgers with potatoes and chickpeas or with lentils or peas. You can even make meatballs made with ricotta, breadcrumbs, oil and salt, to be seasoned with cream and mushrooms … In practice, just use vegetables to taste (and / or cheeses in the case of vegetarians) to create a simple and tasty dish. It all depends on your tastes and your desire to experiment!

The ingredients for your vegetarian and vegan gourmet recipes

What we’ve seen are just a few gourmet recipes and some ideas you can try. Do not forget to let yourself be guided by imagination, your tastes and your passion for cooking. Also, keep in mind that the world of gourmet cuisine is about everything that is selected, cared for and prepared very carefully. Therefore, you will have to take care of every detail during the preparation and commit yourself with regard to the plating.

It will also be advisable to choose excellent ingredients, preferring fresh, genuine, local, organic and top quality ones. Some of the useful foods to prepare your gourmet vegetarian and vegan recipes can be found directly in our online shop. Relying on DF Gourmet, you can find delicious products, made in Italy and prepared only with high quality raw materials. This is exactly what it takes to create a course worthy of every gourmet!

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