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Discover the best selection of Christmas food and wine products

DF Gourmet: your excellent food and wine shop

DF Gourmet is much more than a grocery store of excellence, it is the home of taste and quality at the table.

In this shop you will find only TOP quality ingredients, condiments and food packages for a truly gourmet food and wine experience.

Discover all the panettone of the pastry chef Roberto Rinaldini

The creations of a three-time World Champion directly at your home. Discover the excellence of Rinaldini Sweets, enjoy them at any time. Absolutely glamorous, elegant style and innate creativity.

Each cake is conceived as a work in itself, a sartorial masterpiece at the base of which remains, however, always and in any case, the stubborn search for a 360-degree quality: from the selection of raw materials to processing techniques, up to the choice of packaging.

Discover all the sweets of the pastry chef Andrea Tortora

His biggest secret: passion. This is how Andrea found his trada in the world of pastry; he is the demonstration that with talent, dedication and commitment to can achieve great results.

Discover on DF Gourmet its Christmas cakes including panettone and pandori, taste them and reveal the charm at the first taste.

Discover all the panettone of the pastry chef Salvatore De Riso

Sal De Riso is one of the most famous pastry chefs in Italy, He crossed international borders creating the ricotta and pear cake with hazelnut biscuit. Idea born from the combination of simple and typical ingredients of Campania.

Discover the symbol of Sal De Riso pastry: its gourmet panettone!

Recommended: the best food products of excellence

DF Gourmet is the shop of products of excellence. In this section in particular have been selected some renowned foods of Italian cuisine.

The wide selection of food products includes the best brands in the industry such as, Alpenzu, Roi, Riso Acquerello, Pesto Rossi, Pastificio dei Campi, Benedetto Cavalieri, AT-Patissier, Marco Colzani, Mieli Thun and many others.

Packaging: the true Gourmet Experience

Discover our ideal food packages with gifts for lovers of good food, food lovers who want the best.

Let yourself be conquered by a unique food experience thanks to the best ingredients of Italian excellence and not only. Discover our tasting boxes on selected ingredients to prepare the best gourmet recipes.


Impeccable delivery service and excellent products. Excellent typical vegan food!
alimenti gourmet
Luisa Costa
passion for cooking
The seriousness, passion and competence of those who work on this project shine through. Congratulations
alimenti gourmet
Roberto Bianchi
Excellent quality of products, order management and delivery in a very short time and without any inconvenience. Bravo!
alimenti gourmet
Marco Russo
computer consultant
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Categories of food and wine ​

Perfect products to prepare tasty aperitifs, appetizers, first and second courses or desserts

Visit our blog to discover the best gourmet recipes including pizzas, risottos and meat sauce that will allow you to have unique dishes at home like in a starred restaurant.

pasta e riso gourmet

Pasta and rice

Durum wheat semolina pasta and organic wholemeal pasta naturally rich and made with quality raw materials directly on your table.

miele gourmet


Gourmet honey harvested at the time of maximum flowering in pristine places, to ensure the uniqueness of this daily food.

olio e aceto gourmet

Oil and vinegar

Oil obtained exclusively from the best varieties of olives, selected and processed. Vinegar without preservatives and dyes, naturally gluten free.

sottoli e sottaceto gourmet

Canned land/sea food

A wide range of gourmet products of Italian origin that have as common denominator the presence of high quality oil or vinegar.

condimenti gourmet

Sauces and Condiments

Naturally gourmet condiments for pasta made with excellent and selected ingredients, to bring to the table delicious dishes.

marmellate gourmet

Marmalades and Jams

Jams, marmalades and compotes made with the best fruit selected to give life to a product with a characteristic and natural taste.

dolci gourmet


A wide range of biscuits with and without sugar, vegans, vegetarians and especially gourmet: made with high quality raw materials.

bevande gourmet

Wine shop

We offer different products including: beers, wines, sparkling wines, champagne and spirits selected from trusted and high quality producers.

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Coffee, Tea and Herbal teas

The best Arabica coffee blends, the best infusions and the best tea blends from the world



Artisan chocolate that mixes high quality ingredients and innovation, creating trendy, modern, unique and refined products.

taste box gourmet


Set of gourmet products that offer you the opportunity to experience both traditional and innovative tastes. Only one ingredient is missing: the most important ... your imagination.

gourmet altro


Many quality products perfect for every occasion, from appetizers to desserts. Great to enjoy alone or in the company of some friends.

Gourmet Products


Research in continuous evolution

Gourmet Products


The best gourmet products

Gourmet Products

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The best products
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Daniele Furlanetto

About me: DF Gourmet food and wine excellence

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My name is Daniele Furlanetto and excellent food products are my passion.

I started this business because I really wanted to bring the excellence of food to the tables of my customers. In my life I have always been accustomed to taste the most natural foods and to prefer high quality products, mostly made in Italy.

Based on this, I decided to offer the same kind of products to my customers. More…


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