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Honey biscuits without butter and gluten: here is the perfect recipe for breakfast

Honey biscuits without butter and gluten- here is the perfect recipe for breakfast

Honey biscuits and lemon tea: breakfast that combines sweetness and well-being

We Italians consider breakfast as a moment in which to recharge ourselves with sweetness: from the classic social ceremonial of cappuccino with croissant at the trusted bar to breakfast at home with coffee, bread, jam and honey biscuits, our day almost always begins with a nice load of sugar.

Especially soaking biscuits in tea, hot milk or caffè macchiato is a consolidated custom that takes us back to childhood; And since we were little, we have tried so many cookies.

Honey biscuits, classic, cocoa or chocolate drops, filled with fruit jam, hazelnuts, gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free but always rich in that warm flavor that communicates the feeling of home.

Imagining that you want to start your day by fulfilling the desire to combine well-being with pleasure, the ideal breakfast is the one that combines a nice cup of hot lemon tea with butter-free and gluten-free honey cookies; Genuine, light and healthy ingredients that balance perfectly with each other, for a triumph of taste for the joy of the taste buds.

Gluten and lactose: two concepts that can coexist

There has been much debate lately on the issue of the increase of intolerances on the part of an increasing number of people.
Classic ingredients of both local and international food have begun to become the subject of discussion over the last decades.

The first is a protein present in a wide variety of cereals, while the second is a sugar contained in milk and, consequently, in various products derived from dairy products.

Nowadays the situation is fortunately tackled with various alternative solutions.
Many gluten-free flours are now easily found on the market such as corn, rice, flax, buckwheat, sorghum up to those deriving from legumes.

The same applies to dairy substitutes; In addition to milk that is chemically deprived of lactose, there are solutions that are naturally free such as rice, oats, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut and soy.

In short, nothing is lost for those who find themselves intolerant to gluten or lactose; With the help of the right ingredients it is possible, for example, to cook a pizza margherita, honey biscuits, stuffed wraps, a good plate of carbonara or delicious rustic cakes without risking unpleasant discomfort and swelling.

Attention: for allergies it is worth a separate discussion. Celiac disease (gluten allergy) and allergy to milk proteins are issues to be managed differently and regulated in a more rigid way; For example, restaurants that indicate that they can supply gluten-free pizza must have a separate space for both storing and processing gluten-free products, in order to avoid any dangerous contamination.

Honey: the genuine product par excellence

A fascinating and ancient product, rich in properties and benefits for our body; Honey is a food present for centuries in the diet of humanity, rightly.

Able to give a high caloric intake and therefore a great charge of energy, it is also rich not only in antioxidants but also in anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, so much so that it is often used to fight, for example, sore throat or, in some cases, even wounds.

It is a multifaceted product, which develops in many variations: in addition to the most classic wildflowers and acacia, there are other various types such as eucalyptus, chestnut, honeydew, sulla and so on, in a kaleidoscopic range of possibilities that differ according to the choice of using it as an ingredient for desserts, as a combination for cheeses or as a food for breakfast or snack.

It is important to focus on the right quality to get the best out of this magnificent product: excellent honeys can for example be purchased on the DF-gourmet page, where the entire and vast overview of proposals is united precisely under the concept of excellence – we are therefore talking about an ideal reference point for the search for excellent ingredients.

The uses that can be made of it are actually many: honey is not simply a sweetener in drinks but also a fundamental element both for the creation of recipes such as mustard and honey sauces, honey biscuits, apple and honey cake, cutting board with a selection of cheeses and honeys for a gourmet appetizer or a honey lacquered duck, for the occasions in which you want to amaze.

Honey biscuits without butter and gluten: a recipe against all intolerances!

There is no sweeter way to start the day with a nice hot lemon tea accompanied by a nice dose of honey biscuits fruit of the work of your own hands.If taste is combined with well-being, then even better!

The recipe for butter-free and gluten-free honey biscuits is extremely simple and fast, made of healthy and genuine ingredients.
The base will consist of 100 grams of brown rice flour and 100 grams of buckwheat flour that goes perfectly with the sweetness of honey, of which 80g will be needed.

To complete everything: 1 organic egg, 50 grams of sunflower oil, 6 grams of baking powder and a splash of cinnamon to give the result a spicy scent and taste.

Remembering to turn on the oven at 180 ° beforehand, just mix the flour with the yeast and separately the honey (I recommend, only of excellent quality) with the egg, cinnamon and oil, and then combine the two compounds.

By kneading everything, you can then shape your honey biscuits that you will have to inform for about 10 minutes, until they begin to reach browning.
Simple, healthy and tasty!

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