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How to cook rice quickly without sticking it

How to cook rice quickly without sticking it

How to cook rice is a cereal much appreciated in Italian cuisine, in fact it allows you to make numerous and exquisite dishes.

However, being able to cook this product properly, so that it can meet our intentions and expectations, is not easy and it is necessary to pay attention to some details to prevent the rice from becoming sticky and inedible, or that it remains for the most part attached to the walls of the pot in which it was cooked.

Before revealing the actions to be carried out and the details to be taken into account, how to cook rice quickly without making it stick to the pot and without making it sticky, it is necessary to make a brief presentation of what are the most common types of rice on the market.

Most popular and easiest to find rice types on the market

There are many varieties of this cereal and each of them has certain qualities that distinguish its taste and texture, as well as a greater suitability in being used for various recipes.

Among the most common types of rice, thanks to their quality, they deserve a special mention: Carnaroli, characterized by some properties that favor the creaming of rice and that make it the ideal rice for its risottos.

In this regard, the Carnaroli Acquerello Rice deserves a special mention, considered one of the best in the world thanks to its ideal cooking resistance in how to cook rice; Vialone nano, is a rice very present on the market but of considerable value, perhaps the “most widespread fine rice”, excellent for risottos with vegetables;

Venus, characterized by the black color, this particular type of rice has a unique flavor that makes it ideal to accompany both meat and fish. One of its varieties, of considerable value, is Artemide characterized by an excellent cooking resistance and an incomparable taste.

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Practical and concise guide on how to cook rice quickly without sticking it

You can cook this particular cereal in several ways. Surely the two most used methods are boiling and risotto, however it can also be steamed or the pilaf preparation can be made.
To prepare a good dish it is necessary to use the right type of rice and cook it correctly (and, if possible, also quickly).

With respect to the first point, it is essential to make this decision, to cook rice, based on the characteristics of the grain of rice, with regard to its consistency, the release of starch, the absorption of fats and the resistance in cooking. However, in this article we will focus in depth on the other aspect.

For how to cook rice, generally, it is necessary to cook it for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the rice used and the dish you intend to make. However, it is possible to shorten the cooking time with a very simple action to be performed before throwing the rice into the pot to cook it.

In fact, to reduce the time, even up to almost half, it is sufficient to rinse the rice “under running water” and then pour it into a bowl covering it with cold water. Then we must let it rest for about half an hour and at that point it can only be cooked in 6-8 minutes, approximately.

Another fundamental aspect to take into account on how to cook rice, this particular cereal is that related to the danger that it sticks to the pot in which we are cooking it. In fact, if the right precautions are not taken, this could ruin the success of the entire dish, as well as forcing us to throw away so much unusable rice.

To avoid this it is necessary, first of all, to wet the rice under a stream of cold running water until it is completely soaked. In this way the thin layer of starch that surrounds the grain is removed and that makes it sticky once it is wet, allowing it, therefore, not to catch during the cooking phase.

In addition, to prevent the rice from sticking to the pot, it is essential not to turn it during its cooking. This is because when we mix it the grain releases the starch it contains inside, making it more sticky, thus compromising the success of the dish as well as the safety of the pot that could have the walls covered with rice.

Finally, it is important to consider two other aspects of primary importance, on how to cook rice, namely the choice of the right pot and the amount of water, or broth, to be used to cook rice.

Regarding the pot it is necessary that it is capacious, in fact while cooking the grain increases in volume and therefore there would be a greater risk of it sticking to the walls; In addition, regarding this aspect, a non-stick pot is advisable.

The amount of water, or broth, to be used to cook rice, however, depends on the types of rice we intend to cook, however, in any case it must be abundant (but without being excessive) … Suffice it to say that for an excellent risotto every 400g of rice you need about 1.5l of water!

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