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Italianavera Veropop: sauces, peeled datterini and tomato pulp for gourmet cuisine

Italianavera Veropop: sauces, peeled datterini and tomato pulp for gourmet cuisine

Italianavera Veropop: a line of food products to be discovered

If you want to give a touch of class to your kitchen and bring to your table a series of gourmet products and condiments, then you can rely on Italianavera Veropop. The latter is a line of products made using a traditional process and able to make each item tasty and genuine.

The history of Italianavera

Italianavera is a brand that tells a story and tells us about the Italian territory and its products. Each package releases authentic flavors and aromas immediately when opened. The company has combined ancient traditions with the innovation and modernity to which we are accustomed today. The Italianavera Veropop line offers us all this: unique tastes, genuine products and a packaging that is nothing short of current. The line offers peeled tomatoes, purees and tomato pulps that make you think of grandma’s cuisine and that boast a great style.

Tomatoes and the many variations of Italianavera Veropop

The intent of the brand was to make “POP” the most popular specialties and varieties of tomato from Campania. With these assumptions, the Italianavera Veropop line was born. For the realization of the products have been carefully selected the best tomatoes, among the many varieties grown in Campania. What makes the difference is precisely the careful selection, but also the quality of the production process. At every stage of the supply chain, the company always acts in compliance with the raw material.

To make the product line pop is the packaging: colorful and creative tin cans. The packaging is a real dress that gives a touch of style to the product and that transmits the young soul of the company. Even the eye wants its part and, starting from this idea, Italianavera has made the quality and design of the products its main strengths.

A wide variety of tomatoes

As anticipated, the Italianavera Veropop line allows you to choose between different varieties of tomatoes. Among the proposals you will find the traditional tomato worked fresh and preserved in juice, the spunzillo tomato, the yellow tomato, the corbarino, the datterino, the San Marzano DOP and the cherry tomato. Classic tomato purees and diced tomato pulps can help you make your dishes even more genuine and delicious. Which product is right for you?

Original and safe packaging

The packages of Italianavera Veropop tomatoes are original and carefully designed, just to keep the quality of the product intact. Colorful packaging will give a touch of class to your kitchen. At the same time they will give you the opportunity to preserve the good taste of the brand’s healthy cuisine, in the name of Italian culinary tradition. The packaging makes these products different from all others in the industry… and the taste of tomatoes will do the rest!

Where can you find the products of the Italianavera Veropop line?

When it comes to nutrition, it is always a good idea to choose healthy and genuine products. Don’t you agree? Precisely for this reason we at DF-Gourmet are looking for superior quality, offering products also suitable for those who love to bring gourmet cuisine to the table. We have chosen to bring the proposals of Italianavera into our store because we know that the company selects only the best Italian tomatoes.

After choosing them carefully, he transforms them into delicious natural sauces, made exclusively with fresh and top quality ingredients. The wide range of products becomes even more beautiful when it comes to the Italianavera Veropop line. The quality of the PDO selections from Campania is combined with the design of the brand’s splendid packaging and the result is an explosion of taste and style! Discover the brand’s products directly on our shop. They will captivate you from the first glance!

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