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Les Crêtes – the best wines from Valle D'Aosta

Les Crêtes - the best wines from Valle D'Aosta

Les Crêtes: in Valle D'Aosta to discover viticulture

Les Crêtes is one of the producers that allows us to bring to the table the best wines and sparkling wines of Valle D'Aosta. The latter boasts a small territory and characterized by the presence of several mountain ranges. It presents itself as a beautiful region with important characteristics and viticulture is one of the main activities, which has been practiced for at least 2000 years.

In the central valley, near sunny slopes, there are large cultivations of vineyards from which wines of the highest quality are obtained. Among these we find the excellent proposals of Les Crêtes. Read on to learn more about this interesting brand.

Wines and grape varieties of Valle d'Aosta: a bit of history

The best wines and sparkling wines of Valle D'Aosta have a long history behind them. Since Roman times, in fact, the cultivation of vineyards within the region took place. The wines produced were even exported beyond the Alps, especially during the Middle Ages. The climatic characteristics of the region and the sunny slopes made this territory particularly suitable for this type of cultivation.

Over time, numerous and functional terraces were built, obtained with dry stone walls. The mountainous territory made viticulture processes even more difficult, at least until more technological machinery began to be used. Over the years, many wineries have stood out. Les Crêtes is one of them. The reality offers high quality wines with very special characteristics. Many of the products offered have received national and international awards.

The best wines and sparkling wines of Valle D'Aosta: for true connoisseurs

The company Les Crêtes, located in Aymavilles in Valle d'Aosta, has been in business since 1989. It was born thanks to Constantine Charrère and today it is managed by his family. The latter owns a historic water mill of the '700, ancient cellars in Via Moulins and 25 hectares of land. In practice, it has everything you need to produce the best wines and sparkling wines of Valle D'Aosta for five generations.

The vineyards are cultivated in a particularly good area, which extends along the orographic axis of the Dora Baltea between Aymavilles, Gressan, Saint Pierre, Saint Christophe, Sarre and Aosta. The alpine climate makes a big difference in the organoleptic characteristics of wines and sparkling wines. That's why Les Crêtes is able to offer very excellent products.

The company's annual production is about 180,000 bottles. Among the cultivated varieties there are native ones, such as Petit Rouge, Gros Rouge and Mayolet, and international ones such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The proposals of Les Crêtes

The Aosta Valley company offers delicious white wines, full-bodied red wines and elegant rosés. It also offers a wide range of sparkling wines. All these products are made using only the highest quality grapes. The production takes place inside the Les Crêtes headquarters by experienced professionals and enthusiasts of the sector.

Each phase of the production process is carried out with extreme attention to detail. There are numerous quality controls and tests that are carried out by the company to ensure that its products can be classified among the best wines and sparkling wines of Valle D'Aosta. With these assumptions, one thing is clear: Les Crêtes is a company we can trust. If not… we will not have chosen it for our shop!

The best wines and sparkling wines of Valle D'Aosta: Les Crêtes on DF-Gourmet

In Val D'Aosta there is no shortage of gastronomic routes that allow you to taste wines and sparkling wines of all kinds. Fortunately, you don't need to travel to the region to taste these excellent drinks: on DF-Gourmet you can find a selection to taste. In just a few clicks you can order Les Crêtes products, and then receive them directly to your home. Tasting the best wines and sparkling wines of Valle D'Aosta has never been easier!


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