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Les Cretes: one of the best wineries in Valle d'Aosta of Chardonnay wines

Les Cretes: one of the best wineries in Valle d'Aosta of Chardonnay wines

The roots of the Les Cretes winery: between legend and solid reality

The history of the Les Cretes winery starts in the 70s, when two sisters, Elena and Eleonora, had the task of procuring ladybugs for the company. These graceful insects were used to be placed in the vineyard in such a way as to devour the harmful mites.

In this way the two sisters not only delighted but deeply marked the roots of the Les Cretes winery, one of the most important and historic in the whole Valle D’Aosta, a choice made by the Charrère family, which for many years now, has always focused only on concrete things.

The two sisters’ great-great-grandfather, Bernardin Charrère, who arrived in Aymavilles from Haute-Savoie in 1750, built a building that would soon become one of the most influential and productive wineries of chardonnay wines, but which initially served coke crusher for walnuts. After a few years, his son Louis also dedicated himself to the business by building a mill to grind wheat, rye and barley.

Then it was the turn of Antoine, father of Costantino, who continued the activity of the winery until 1955, when he felt the need to adopt innovation for the company, thus dedicating himself to fine wines.

The attention was all for the public, in order to stand out better on the market of the time, a mix of customization (crus vinified separately), trade (geographical indications of each vineyard) and history (faith in the tradition that has made the whole Val d’Aosta great as the tinturier or the prié rouge).

It was therefore up to Costantino Charrère to resume the footsteps of his father Antoine and mother Ida, becoming very active for viticulture by creating the current Les Cretes, in Aymavilles, planting other vineyards in other municipalities of the Val d’Aosta.

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Tastings for Chardonnay wines in the Les Cretes winery

If you intend to taste quality wines such as that of the Les Cretas winery, then you have the opportunity to do so at the Rifugio del Vino, a terrace located in the Aosta Valley, a place that will welcome you making you feel at home.

The tastings are dedicated to groups of people or individuals, accompanied, of course, by a pleasant visit to the winery. The Refuge was born in the mountains of the Valley, giving the feeling of being in close contact with nature.

How to use a Chardonnay wine from Les Cretes for cooking

The wines available put on display by Les Cretes are white, rosé, red, sweet with bubbles and also for gift boxes, such as Christmas baskets and more. Thanks to these wines it will be possible to prepare excellent recipes by blending the product protagonist of the dish and giving, therefore, an even more particular scent to the delicacy to be prepared.

A good example is the preparation of a first course, a more than excellent solution through the use of pasta and gourmet rice. All this guarantees genuineness and quality, all with the aim of preparing excellent dishes with an original flavor.

Here you can choose which type of pasta to bring as a first course (tagliatelle, wheels, fettuccine, egg pappardelle, farfalle and much more, combining strong and delicate flavors such as that of the Chardonnay wines of the Les Cretes winery.

Chardonnay wine pairings

The Chardonnay wine made by Les Cretes winery must first be served at the table with a temperature between 10 and 12 ° C. As already mentioned, it can be combined with many dishes that we often tend to prepare to make a good impression with relatives and friends.

For example, dishes based on fish, molluscs or crustaceans (in fact wine is excellent for similar dishes), or even dishes with poultry or, simply, with much lighter dishes prepared with vegetables. In addition, chardonnay wine can be used for an aperitif with friends, perhaps tasting medium-aged cheeses and cold cuts.

The characteristics of chardonnay wine

The aroma is intense according to the conditions of the soil and climate, and in Valle d’Aosta, more precisely around the Les Cretes winery, the chardonnay wine, white or red, boasts quality cultivation methods thanks above all to the grapes harvested and engaged in this design.

It can also be aged in wood, highlighting much more particular spicy notes. The Chardonnay wines of the Les Cretes winery have a strong, strong character, with a persistent aftertaste, excellent not only for a wine lover but also for those who try their hand at this field for the first time.

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