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Find out why Mario Fongo's gourmet breadsticks are so good with everything

Find out why Mario Fongo's gourmet breadsticks are so good with everything

What you need to know about Mario Fongo’s gourmet breadsticks

Do you want to know more about Mario Fongo’s gourmet breadsticks? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. In this regard, we would like to make a small premise … A healthy and balanced diet is an excellent way to keep your body in perfect shape. Including quality food in your daily meals is always the right choice for all of us. These gourmet breadsticks are qualitative, genuine and suitable to be part of your diet.

An artisanal production, just as tradition dictates

As you well know, we are talking about products resembling bread, as well as a characteristic Italian product. Mario Fongo’s gourmet breadsticks, however, are much more. Do you know the breadsticks you find at the restaurant or buy at the supermarket? Those proposed by Mario Fongo are quite another thing. They are made with high quality raw materials and handmade as tradition dictates.

For the production are used the best Italian flours, derived from precious stone-ground grains, and a prestigious extra virgin olive oil is added and made in Italy. In the recipe of these gourmet breadsticks there is no lack of natural yeasts and preservatives and chemical additives are absent.

Many tasty artisan breadsticks

The careful selection of raw materials, of the best quality and exclusively Italian, allows the family business to produce different products. For the realization of Mario Fongo’s gourmet breadsticks, a few genuine ingredients are used, mixtures of flours and organic and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

Among the various types of breadsticks offered there are the Stretched Breadsticks. This product is made entirely by hand, by rolling and crushing, giving the bakery a particular shape. It is available in numerous variants:

  • To black Venus rice,
  • With Tropea Onion I.G.P.,
  • To the 7 cereals and seeds,
  • Classic
  • Integral
  • With corn flour…

Then there are the Good Ironed Breadsticks with Everything, which are really perfect alongside any dish. The brand offers many other types of gourmet breadsticks, from Rubatà to chopped, and other delicious breads. In any case, the production is artisanal and the selected ingredients are excellent.

Why choose Mario Fongo products?

Panaté” is the name by which the Piedmontese call the village baker and Mario Fongo still likes to be called that. In fact, within his company are baked daily delights of bread, whose textures and aromas always convey that sense of genuineness and tradition that in Italy we love very much. These and those we have seen are undoubtedly the main reasons why you should choose Mario Fongo’s gourmet breadsticks and the many other products of the brand.

It is also useful to say that this family business has a long history where passion and tradition are the protagonists. In his shop Mario Fongo has given his touch to every recipe, always offering products with a unique and unforgettable flavor that recall the scents of Mediterranean cuisine every time. Today Mario Fongo works together with his son and his family, carrying on a long tradition.

The company’s gourmet breadsticks have even earned first place in the ranking of the best artisan breadsticks drawn up by Gambero Rosso. Another good reason to choose them, don’t you think?

Do you want to taste Mario Fongo’s delicious gourmet breadsticks? DF-Gourmet brings them to you

You can find these delicious handicrafts directly on our shop. In a few clicks you can place your order and you can receive the chosen product at home. Let yourself be conquered by the crumbly, fragrant, light and crunchy gourmet breadsticks of Mario Fongo!

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