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Monograno: discover what it means and the quality of Felicetti pasta

Monograno- discover what it means and the quality of Felicetti pasta

For Italians, you know, pasta is the national dish, a symbol of our unity and of the Bel Paese all over the world. Born in ancient times and made with continuous evolutions like Felicetti pasta in every corner of our peninsula, thanks to the incessant migratory flows of our fellow villagers it has arrived everywhere in the globe, conquering the heart, the palate, the tables of restaurants and homes.

Celebrated by cinema and often mentioned in songs and novels, pasta is also one of the symbolic foods of the Mediterranean diet celebrated all over the world for its properties in protecting our health from cardiovascular, neurovegetative diseases and tumors, favoring a longer and more active lifespan. It is not for nothing that it has become part of the UNESCO heritage.

Having the opportunity to find products of the highest quality in excellent food stores is a privilege for all those who love to bring to the table specialties made with respect for tradition and genius that distinguishes our producers.

Felicetti pasta is a story of excellence, origin and characteristics

Single-grain pasta is a food made with only two ingredients: wheat and water. The research and the very high standards required of the producers of the raw material derive the excellent quality of the finished product.

Since 1908, from generation to generation, Pastificio Felicetti produces with passion and devotion a pasta made with highly sought after organic single-origin semolina grown on land and with directives that guarantee a very rigorous selection.
The water of the Dolomites and the pure air of the high altitude do the rest.

The origin of the grains varies by virtue of the fact that Felicetti simply wants the best, wherever it is possible to find it: the famous Matt wheat, comes from Puglia and smells of summer hay and spun pasta. In the mouth it has a traditional flavor that tastes of stone-baked bread with hints of butter.

From the remote provinces of Canada comes the exclusive Kamut of Khorasan variety; Native to the Middle East, it has a delicate scent of white flowers and dried fruit, but it is the flavor that reveals its origin and ancient origins, thanks to the exotic aftertaste based on pine nuts and macadamia.

The exquisite Spelt is of Umbrian origin; Crunchy to the touch, it smells of hazelnut and eggplant, but it is the flavor that amazes with the delicious aroma of bread crust and peanut butter.

The Cappelli wheat arrives from the Murge, and the sun of Puglia characterizes the strong, vigorous and decisive taste of this product of Italian agronomic ingenuity. Thanks to Felicetti pasta, we find the “Cappelli” smells and flavors of our peasant tradition: the smell of jute bags and licorice, the timeless taste of bread crumbs and a slightly savory aftertaste.

Pasta Felicetti: the collectible pasta for great chefs and houses… Starry.

The range of the Felicetti pasta factory is a real riot of variety, suitable for every creative whim of the great chef as well as the desire to amaze our loved ones during a dinner at home. Mythical formats, such as paccheri, made with Matt wheat, delicious even with only tomato sauce and two leaves of fresh basil.

The organic kamut spaghetti , an interesting and successful experiment of combining an innovative wheat and one of the symbols of tradition in the field of pasta.

For the most greedy palates spaghettoni, a real giant format to be savored with some great classics of our cuisine; From amatriciana to carbonara our dishes will have an extra gear. The mezze maniche made with vigorous Cappelli wheat go perfectly with dishes such as potato and provola pasta or with legumes.

Dedicated to the founder of the prestigious company, the spaghetti “Il Valentino” made with Cappelli wheat, is the spearhead of Felicetti pasta. Giant diameter, perfect chewability and unique aroma are the added value in any situation and recipe. A must try and appreciate.

There is no shortage in the single-grain line, formats such as shells, rigatoni, propellers, fusilli, linguine and egg tagliatelle. All interpreted with dexterity by Felicetti’s Master pasta makers.

A jewel of great Italian cuisine. Where to find Felicetti pasta.

Chosen by some of the greatest interpreters of the kitchen, starred chefs who bring around the world recipes capable of thrilling an international audience, Felicetti pasta can make even simple dishes like a spaghetti with a good raw oil special, allowing us to fully enjoy the nuances that emanate from the dish.

Of course, the place of choice to buy Felicetti pasta are the best food and wine shops
where we can find the desired formats and enrich our experience in the kitchen with exceptional tips and recipes.

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