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Morgan's Giardiniera: the secret recipe of a signature pickled oil

Morgan's Giardiniera- the secret recipe of a signature pickled oil

Morgan’s tasty Giardiniera by chef Morgan Pasqual

Morgan’s Giardiniera is a recipe that allows you to fully appreciate the goodness of different vegetables in oil, put together with care and precision. It is a preparation by the chef of Vicenza, Morgan Pasqual, now widespread nationally. Here’s what you need to know about a secret recipe that’s really out of the ordinary.

A brief introduction: who is Morgan Pasqual?

Morgan Pasqual is a chef who loves the fruits of the earth. He collects them, cuts them carefully and combines them to create delights in oil and vinegar. It is precisely from this passion that Morgan’s Giardiniera was born. The recipe of the latter was created in 2005 in Vicenza, mainly to accompany a dish based on suckling pig. Customers appreciated it to the point of convincing the cook to make it a business. Thus was born a colorful jar full of tasty vegetables!

What are the ingredients of the well-known chef’s giardiniera

Morgan’s Giardiniera projects anyone who tastes it towards a truly unique culinary experience. Every single vegetable is combined with the others following an artisanal process. The freshness and quality of each ingredient are guaranteed by a certified supply chain. In this giardiniera there are no preservatives or additives: tasting it you can only fully appreciate the passion that guides Morgan Pasqual during the preparation of his dish.

The recipe comes from a careful and meticulous work, which leaves nothing to chance, during which the vegetables are selected, washed and cut into equal parts. Morgan’s Giardiniera contains carrots, cauliflower, fennel and red, yellow and green peppers, vinegar, water and sugar. This combination of ingredients creates an extremely healthy mix for the body. The vegetables are left in the sweet and sour syrup and in a short time allow you to give rise to a culinary experience to remember!

The other variants of an extraordinary giardiniera

In addition to Morgan’s Giardiniera in the classic version, you have the opportunity to try four other variations, all made by the chef. The first is dedicated to his wife Luciana and involves the addition of celery and onion: it is a sweet and sour mix in oil to be tasted. You also have the opportunity to experience the other three versions dedicated to your children Giada, Anna and Giovanni, each with its own peculiarities.

Jade Giardiniera is prepared with ingredients such as celery, borettane onions, purple onions and green beans, in addition of course to Morgan’s original ingredients. Anna’s is spicy thanks to the addition of fresh chilli and ginger. This combination of ingredients is able to highlight an intoxicating flavor.

Finally, there is the Giardiniera di Giovanni which is the sweetest and most delicate. It contains different types of fruits, such as pears and apples, as well as Jerusalem artichoke, celery, trumpet peppers, gherkins and Roman cabbage. Everything is immersed in extra virgin olive oil and in a sweet and sour bath.

How to match chef Morgan’s gardeners?

Unmistakable flavors such as those of cauliflower and fennel, contained in Morgan’s Giardiniera, go well with grilled blue fish , chicken salads, cold cuts, boiled meats and cotechini. They are also excellent alongside turbot, grilled salmon and hard cheeses aged just enough. This delicious dish can also be enjoyed alone, alongside a glass of good wine. Luciana’s Giardiniera is ideal in combination with meat or fish, and also goes well with cold cuts and cheeses.

The same goes for that of Jade, also excellent with tuna and salmon. La Giardiniera di Anna, on the other hand, is especially good with aged sheep’s cheeses, white meats and blue fish. Giovanni’s is delicious with mortadella and cooked cold cuts, with fish, with white meats and with medium-aged cheeses.

Where can you find Morgan’s Giardiniera?

You can also find Morgan’s delicious Giardiniera in our shop, along with many other quality products. What will be your favorite version?

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