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Organic Oil: discover the best Italian olive oil producers of organic extra virgin olive oils

Organic Oil: discover the best Italian olive oil producers of organic extra virgin olive oils

Italy is proud to own many small mills that are characterized by a production of exceptional quality. Today we will try to find out which are the best Italian producers of organic oil.

Italy, like many Mediterranean countries, is the cradle of a millenary tradition in the production of extra virgin olive oil. In fact, extra virgin olive oil has always been synonymous with quality, health and craftsmanship. Its production is carried out solely through the use of mechanical and cold processes.

Organic oil mill Muraglia Essenza

The organic oil produced by the Muraglia oil mill is a product of exceptional quality that is characterized by unique organoleptic characteristics. One of the interesting aspects of many of the organic extra virgin olive oils such as, for example, this one, is to be entirely chemical free.

This result can be achieved through the use of special cultivation techniques, which also include the use of biological remedies for the treatment of diseases and for their containment. The olive harvest is made by hand, moreover, allows a careful selection of the product and an exceptional quality of the oil itself.

The production takes place only through the use of a cold pressing maintaining the tradition of the production of extra virgin olive oil.

This oil is also produced with a model of sustainable and organic agriculture that aims to protect environmental well-being through a change in cultivation habits by banning the use of chemicals. The organic oil is sold in dark bottles of 250 ml or liter in order to ensure the maintenance of the organoleptic profile unaltered.

Arkè organic oil

The organic oil Arkè has been reported, by virtue of its exceptional quality, in the food guide. It was possible to achieve this result thanks to the use of a single variety of native olives: the Moorish.

This particular variety of olive grows only in the area between San Cataldo, Pietraperzia, and Barrafranca at an average altitude of 460 m above sea level. The harvest period is restricted between October and November, while the pressing must come within a maximum of 12 hours of harvesting.

This, in fact, allows the integral maintenance of the polyphenols and the organoleptic profile of the product, managing to bottle an oil of the highest quality that, thanks to the use of a dark and particularly thick bottle, manages to maintain all its characteristics for a long time.

The pressing is the characteristic of extra virgin olive oil obtained cold and in a continuous cycle. The conservation, waiting for bottling at a controlled temperature and completely in the absence of oxygen inside stainless steel silos allows an exceptional conservation.

How to recognize a quality extra virgin olive oil?

Being able to recognize a quality extra virgin olive oil is anything but an easy job. The aspects to be evaluated, in fact, are many and concern both the visual and olfactory aspect. The color and body of an oil, in fact, must be yellow tending to green and, above all, not pale.

Extra virgin olive oils are evaluated according to the color that indicates the level of ripeness of the olives themselves. A Verdone extra virgin olive oil, in fact, derives from olives that are not yet ripe but is characterized by an exceptional amount of polyphenols.

It has a strong and very strong flavor. A high quality extra virgin olive oil comes from olives in perfect ripeness, and is characterized by a bright golden yellow color and fruity hints as well as a slight tingling on the palate. From a visual point of view, in fact, the oil must be characterized by an average density and, at the same time, by a particularly vivid color.

The oils are also divided according to flavor and taste that can be fruity, bitter, spicy, round or harmonious. The smell of extra virgin olive oil must be that of fresh grass, freshly cut. All these aspects are particularly difficult to assess individually.

For this reason, in fact, there are experts able to select and evaluate in depth the quality and organoleptic characteristics of each oil. In the case of Muraglia Essenza organic oil, and Arkè the quality is maximum.

These results can be achieved thanks to a particular care and attention in the selection of the olives and, at the same time, in the mechanical treatment at low temperatures. All these aspects actively contribute to maintaining the organoleptic profile for the final consumer.

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