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Panettone Sal De Riso: 5 reasons to choose this gourmet dessert

Panettone Sal De Riso- 5 reasons to choose this gourmet dessert

The fantastic Panettone Sal De Riso

The Sal de Riso Panettone is able to leave anyone who has the privilege of tasting it speechless. Whether it’s the version flavored with limoncello or the pistachio version, the quality and goodness remain the same. Let’s see what are the 5 reasons to choose an exciting gourmet dessert from every point of view, just like this panettone. But first let’s get to know this dessert and, above all, its creator.

Who is Sal De Riso?

Sal De Riso is an internationally known pastry chef, who brings to the table all the sweetness of the ingredients of his generous Amalfi Coast. One of its most popular products is the Panettone Sal de Riso. To be honest, to be loved are its many and different panettone. Each of them has its own characteristics and peculiarities, thanks to the use of unique ingredients such as the Amalfi Coast Lemon IGP and the Giffoni hazelnuts.

Sal De Riso was proclaimed “Pastry Chef of the Year 2010/2011” and from that moment he never ceases to amaze and conquer every palate. But what are the other reasons to choose his panettone?

1. A dessert in the name of abundance

Abundance is the true hallmark of any Sal De Riso Panettone. Without such an element, one of his desserts cannot be considered as such. Each product is large and expertly stuffed. Despite this, the pastry chef’s panettone does not get fed up. On the contrary, it satisfies more and more, bite after bite. The harmonious appearance and the unusual candiing of these desserts, combined with a unique aroma, make each panettone of the brand an extraordinary product.

2. The ability to choose from 17 delicious flavours

Those who know Salvatore De Riso know well that the well-known pastry chef has chosen to offer a wide variety of products. The Sal de Riso Panettone is proposed in 17 versions and each product best suits the tastes of its potential customers. From the Classic Almond to Cilento, from the Milanese to the CremDeRì, from the Limoncello version up to the tiramisu, ricotta and pears, the annurca apple … What will be the perfect panettone for you? Whatever your final choice, you will surely be amazed: those of Sal De Riso are panettone out of the ordinary!

3. A sourdough that has been dreaming for 25 years and over

Another of the secrets of Panettone Sal de Riso is undoubtedly represented by an exclusive sourdough. The latter has been used for over a quarter of a century and adapts perfectly to any type of dessert. The famous pastry chef uses it on a daily basis, managing to create products capable of giving a unique culinary experience to customers from all over the world.

4. Panettone Sal De Riso: a system based on craftsmanship

Another reason to choose De Riso products is enclosed in one word: craftsmanship. Salvatore De Riso produces its products following tradition and preferring natural leavening. He carefully takes care of every phase of production and puts his manual skills and passion for pastry at the service of the customer.

5. A selection of ingredients with attention to detail

The fifth reason why you should choose a Sal De Riso Panettone concerns the selection of ingredients. The latter is treated in detail and is based on the use of exclusive and high quality raw materials. When it comes to quality, goodness and authenticity, Salvatore De Riso spares absolutely no expense!

Where can you buy a Sal De Riso Panettone?

You can find the products of the well-known pastry chef directly in our shop. From the first taste you will realize that bringing to the table a Sal De Riso Panettone is really a delicious idea!

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