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Panettone with pistachio: discover the goodness of Roberto Rinaldini's artisan panettone

Panettone with pistachio- discover the goodness of Roberto Rinaldini's artisan panettone

Panettone with pistachio: where two Italies meet

There is no Christmas that can be called such without having made the tree and the crib, opened gifts, eaten in the family and, above all, without having tasted a rich slice of panettone.

The traditional Christmas cake of Lombardy has conquered, over time, the festive tables of all Italians, in any region from North to South; Sometimes someone may not love its candied fruit but after all a classic always remains so and the moment of Christmas celebrations is never considered complete without its panettone.

It is also true that consumers now have difficult and lively tastes, always driven towards a constant of new and different flavors; In short, people are becoming more sophisticated and are looking for both novelty and excellence.

Even the panettone then evolves, in an explosion of tastes that mix the certainties of tradition with tastes sometimes exotic, sometimes experimental, often with hints close to the doors of the house: chocolate and orange panettone, white chocolate and raspberry panettone, prickly pear and so on, in a triumph of variations that satisfy the imagination and needs of everyone.

Among the many options, the panettone with pistachio stands out, among the most chosen and appreciated for the union of a typical Northern Italy with the marked and Mediterranean flavors of Sicily, in a balance of traditions that creates a universe of flavors and sensations incomparable.

Panettone: the austere grandfather but at the forefront of Christmas sweets

Whether we like it in its most traditional form or on the contrary in more modern solutions such as pistachio panettone, what we must demand is that the Christmas cake par excellence is excellent.

There are many brands and various shapes of panettone on the market but just take a look at the cost to get a first idea of their quality.

What makes the difference are obviously the ingredients and the type of processing: it is very easy to run into a wide range of industrial panettone that give priority to the use of cheaper raw materials and serial production, so as to be able to propose a more advantageous price.

The greater refinement of today’s consumer is the key factor that has fortunately pushed the market to the virtuous trend of artisan panettone, where the search for excellence, genuineness of ingredients, niche and quality is the master, often also in favor of results characterized by a modern experimental twist.

The Pistachio: the green gold that embellishes every recipe

We hear a lot about it, lately, about this small savory and tasty seed.
The pistachio has experienced in recent decades an unstoppable ascent on the Olympus of the most popular ingredients in both sweet and savory culinary trends.

In addition to the unmistakable taste, its various nutritional properties are also appreciated, especially the high magnesium content and the huge energy intake that makes it an ideal snack for athletes and wellness lovers.

In particular, we Italians are linked to the pistachio of Bronte, that is to the variety cultivated at the foot of Etna where the lava soil creates the perfect conditions for its growth, so much so that this beloved ingredient reached the Denomination of Controlled Origin in 2009.

Since then the taste of pistachio has spread like wildfire on the tables of both Italians and the world and, despite coming from such a small area, the production of Bronte pistachio is such as to be able to respond to the demands of both the Bel Paese market and the international one.

Just think of the countless uses that can be made of it in the kitchen: from simple pure pistachio as a pleasant energy snack or as an accompaniment to an aperitif, up to its use in the form of grains or flakes on meat and fish; or used as an ingredient in pesto, sauces, mortadella or for the production of panettone with pistachio.

Above all, however, we can find it in the confectionery universe, where pistachio finds its maximum expression.
Pistachio cream, panettone with pistachio, pistachio stuffed croissant, pistachio panettone, pistachio ice cream, pistachio biscuits; there is something for everyone!

Panettone with pistachio: the maximum expression of fusion craftsmanship

We like tradition, it makes us feel safe and comfortable in a world that belongs to us deeply.
Yet, sometimes, it is pleasant to add an ”artistic” and different note to the things that are already known to us, to go a little further and discover real surprises through the creation of new combinations.

The Panettone, which so strongly represents for us Italians both the Christmas holidays and a typicality of our gastronomic panorama, has lent itself over time to an endless series of gourmet reinterpretations where the winner is the artisan production.

Just to give an example, a competent source such as the DF-gourmet products and excellence page, in its impeccable knowledge of the most particular and valuable pearls on the market, recommends the panettone with pistachio by Roberto Rinaldini, world pastry champion.

The panettone with pistachio is a real work of art where nothing is left to chance: a skilful processing with a slow, gradual and spontaneous leavening, combined with the use of raw materials of the highest quality both in the choice of typically Sicilian pistachio and in the addition of a caramelized grain and wild strawberries with candied cherries, to give that tone of fruit that refreshes everything.

A work that is emblematic of what it means to create a balanced universe of flavors within what, for many, might seem just a simple panettone and that instead hides a deep study of tastes, techniques and traditional ingredients and then unhinges them and reconsiders them in different and experimental clothes.

The goal is to satisfy, with a product of pure excellence such as panettone with pistachio, the needs of an increasingly dynamic and lively market in which even a tradition like that of Christmas can potentially dress up with new and surprising reinterpretations.

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