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Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri: that’s why it is one of the best brands of Italian pasta

Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri: that's why it is one of the best brands of Italian pasta


At DF-Gourmet we are committed to bringing the best Italian pasta brands to our shop, so as to offer our customers only high quality products. During our careful research we found the Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri. The latter inaugurated its mill and pasta factory in 1918, in the beautiful hills of Puglia. Since that moment, the mantra of the activity, also in the various generations following the leadership of the company, has always been this: “Top quality pasta signed with name and surname“.

As you well know pasta is among the most consumed and loved foods in Italy: but what are the characteristics of an excellent product? Below we tell you how Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri has become one of the best brands in Italy, joining the most talented companies of the Bel Paese!


In the world there are many varieties and species of wheat, a cereal cultivated by man for thousands of years. The one used for the production of dry pasta, which is of superior quality and with a more complete nutritional profile, is durum wheat. The company Benedetto Cavalieri carries out a rigorous selection of Italian hard grains. The main areas of production are those of Puglia and Basilicata. The crops rise on hills facing south and the land is processed without resorting to the massive use of chemical fertilizers.

In this way, Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri is characterized by high levels of quality. All this is found at the moment of tasting: the best brands of Italian pasta always offer you an excellent and authentic flavor of wheat!

The processing method of Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta

The pasta factory Benedetto Cavalieri has chosen a process that allows you to make one of the best Italian artisan pasta. The processing with “delicate method” maintains the qualities of the durum wheat used and amplifies its characteristics. The main phases of the process of pastification of this company are the following.

The dough: gluten (a nutrient contained in wheat) retains its characteristics unaltered thanks to the cold dough with water, no later than 35.

Kneading, pressing and drawing: these steps give the dough the right consistency. Thanks to the bronze wire drawing, Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri guarantees excellent cooking resistance.
Drying: timing, ventilation and humidity are some of the factors masterfully controlled inside the Cavalieri mill. At the end of this delicate phase you can already recognize the amber yellow color and a rough texture to the touch.

These elements are the characteristics guaranteed by the best brands of Italian pasta.
Stabilization: it is the so-called “resting phase” of the pasta before the final packaging.

Thanks to this process, carefully followed step by step, the Benedetto Cavalieri company has managed to become one of the best Italian pasta brands.

Other little details that make a big difference

The dedication, the love for good food and the work of the family in charge of this pasta factory are what carries on a great tradition. Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri is the protagonist and the result of this project of excellence. The company’s products have conquered the best wineries and gastronomy around the world. Many prestigious starred chefs require it because it has become a point of reference and trust for the realization of their best first courses.

How about trying the products of the best Italian pasta brands?

Now that you know the characteristics of the products of this pasta factory you have nothing left to do but try the Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta and let yourself be enchanted! Among the most popular and appreciated sizes of the entire range we point out the spaghetti, but there are also many other formats to bring to the table. At DF-Gourmet you will find a wide selection of high quality pasta and rice. We offer you this and many of the other best brands of Italian pasta, but also much more! What will be your favorite excellent products?

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