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Pasta with tomato sauce gourmet: discover the 3 most popular recipes in Italy

Pasta with gourmet tomato sauce- discover the 3 most popular recipes in Italy

Pasta with tomato sauce: simple but tasty dish, loved by young and old

Pasta with tomato sauce is a typical dish of Italian cuisine, good, loved by both adults and children, easy to prepare at home even at the last moment.

The smell of pasta with tomato sauce takes us back in time, to the memories of our childhood, from the grandmother standing in the kitchen, to the tomato stains on the tablecloth or clothes, to the shoe, to the tomato-stained lips. We have all surely eaten at least once in our lives (but certainly more than once) a good plate of pasta with tomato sauce.

Pasta with tomato sauce: a dish with an ancient taste but always current

The European population knew the tomato only after the discovery of America; it is in fact a product of American origin and was one of the first foods to be imported into Europe.

The first tomato sauce is probably Neapolitan and dates back to the period of Spanish domination in Naples (1692). In fact, in the recipe book of a chef from the Marche region Antonio Latini , the Spanish tomato sauce recipe appears.

According to the ancient recipe it was necessary to toast the tomatoes on the embers, peel them and chop them together with onion, chilli and thyme, finally season them with salt, oil and vinegar. This tasty sauce was used to accompany and season meat dishes on the table.

The first meeting of tomato and pasta dates back to 1803 when the writer Vincenzo Agnoletti, in his work “Economic Cuisine”, speaks of pasta blanched in water and then cooked in broth flavored with tomato sauce.

Since this time there have been various versions of pasta with tomato sauce.
The current classic recipe closely resembles the traditional Spanish tomato sauce recipe.

Our tips for preparing a good plate of pasta with tomato sauce.

Pasta with tomato sauce requires few ingredients but we recommend focusing on the quality and authenticity of the product.
The use of gourmet pasta certainly guarantees an excellent success of the dish. The choice is between various types of pasta: from semolina to wholemeal or egg, from organic pasta to Gragnano; many sizes to satisfy all tastes.

To this must be added a good ripe tomato, a food rich in lycopene and with antioxidant properties to fight free radicals. To crown the recipe should be added a fragrant basil and extra virgin olive oil. The secret of grandmothers, if the sauce is too acidic, is to add a pinch of sugar.

Starting from these basic ingredients, many variations have been born appreciated in Italy (and not only!).
We describe the three variations to the traditional recipe of pasta with tomato sauce.

Pasta with tomato sauce for lovers of intense taste and aroma

A first variation to the traditional recipe sees the addition of a knob of butter to extra virgin olive oil. Oil and butter should be heated in a saucepan and then added carrots, onion and celery cut into cubes, garlic and a few fresh bay leaves (instead of basil). Both coppery and peeled tomatoes should be added to the sauté.

The coppery tomatoes need a longer cooking than the peeled ones so we recommend cooking the copper, add the peeled tomatoes after 10 minutes and continue cooking for 20 minutes. After passing everything in the vegetable mill, cook for another 3-4 minutes. Add salt and pepper and… The sauce is ready.

Then cook the pasta of the chosen format in plenty of boiling salted water, and season with the sauce previously prepared.

Pasta with tomato sauce for those who have little time but do not give up taste

If you do not have much time, fresh tomato can replace ready-made tomato pulp .
To the sauté of shallot and garlic clove, add the tomato pulp, salt and pepper. We advise you to leave the sauce cooking for at least 30/40 minutes. At the end of cooking, add a few basil leaves.

Cook the chosen pasta in salted water and, when cooked, drain and transfer the pasta to the saucepan with the sauce. Turn on the heat and mix well sauce and pasta. You can flavor the dish with grated Grana Padano or Parmesan.
Tomato pulp can be replaced with puree or peeled tomatoes.

If you use peeled tomatoes you can choose whether to pass the sauce in a vegetable mill before using it or simply crush it with a fork.

Pasta allo scarpariello, pasta with tomato sauce of the ancient Neapolitan scarpari

It is a first course born in the area of the Neapolitan Spanish Quarters where the scarpari, or the old shoemakers, were repaid for their craftsmanship with what they had in the pantry (basil, pieces of cheese, tomato sauce left over from the day before).

To prepare the sauce you need to add chopped chilli and garlic to the oil heated in a pan. After frying for about 3 minutes, add datterino tomatoes washed and cut in half. After 10 minutes the tomatoes should be cooked and we recommend removing the garlic and adding salt and fresh basil.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta (tradition recommends spaghetti) in salted water. Add a ladle of pasta cooking water to the sauce to create a delicious creamy sauce. Drain the pasta, pour into the pan with the sauce and stir over low heat.

If necessary, add more cooking water to make the sauce even creamier. Turn off the heat and add Pecorino cheese and grated Parmesan. Garnish the dish with basil leaves.

We could list endless recipes and variations to prepare an excellent pasta dish with tomato sauce. You can start from the basic recipe and add ingredients that meet your tastes and those of the diners
So… Enjoy your meal!

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