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Pastificio dei Campi: when goodness is combined with packaging with a truly unique design

Pastificio dei Campi: when goodness is combined with packaging with a truly unique design

Pastificio dei Campi: one of a kind

In Gragnano, in the province of Naples, there is the Pastificio dei Campi. This company operates in one of the most competitive territories ever as regards the reference sector. However, it has always managed to present an above-average product, which also knows how to get noticed on the shelves for its decidedly unique packaging. Let’s get to know more about this brand that we have selected for our shop.

PGI, excellence and innovation

Pastificio dei Campi is a company that fully complies with the strict indications for the production of PGI products of Gragnano. This is the city of pasta par excellence, where design and innovation meet with attention to detail and bronze drawing. The latter is practically the only technique that can guarantee the production of a simply perfect product. In fact, for those who do not know, profiling with Teflon is almost never a good choice when producing pasta. The situation worsens when steel is used.

The bronze processing is absolutely the best because it allows the dough to remain wrinkled. In this way the food joins better with the sauce and, once the digestion phase has begun, it can be attacked without difficulty by gastric juices.

Pastificio dei Campi has chosen to continue using this traditional method and is also working hard to offer a wide selection of pasta wheels. The company also gives a unique touch to classic formats such as paccheri. Forms are studied as if they were an exact science. The result? The pasta of the brand is presented on the table in a wonderful way!

Traceable and sincere, just like the pasta of Pastificio dei Campi

Of course, the taste of the pasta of this brand is also unique in its kind. This is due to the use of durum wheat from which the production of Pastificio dei Campi di Gragnano starts. The grain used to produce the pasta is fully traceable. This allows the company to offer only excellent food. Good wheat is therefore another of the strengths of this pasta factory.

Every single step, from the mill to the sowing, is followed with extreme attention: the company leaves no detail to chance. This is the essence of a production of pasta of the highest quality, one that is not satisfied with flours that cost little remixed to mask defects. The high attention to quality allows only an exclusive and limited production in volume. Thanks to the choices made, Pastificio dei Campi di Gragnano has become one of the best pasta producers in Italy.

Packaging with a unique design

As anticipated, even the packaging plays its part and goodness is combined with an impact design that makes this pasta even an excellent gift idea. The products of Pastificio dei Campi are stored in red and black cardboard boxes. At the center there is a transparent window, which allows you to preview the appearance of the pasta you want to buy. Some pasta shapes are offered in cubic boxes and even more appealing.  

Do you want to try the products of Pastificio dei Campi?

As you may have understood, that of the brand in question is a unique pasta from many points of view and is also perfect for the preparation of gourmet recipes. The quality of the product and the characteristics of the packaging have led us to include this brand of excellence in our shop. Therefore, if you want to try the products of Pastificio dei Campi, all you have to do is take a look at our selection of pasta and rice. You can order what you want in a few clicks and receive everything at home. What are you waiting for?

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