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Pastificio dei campi: discover one of the best brands of Gragnano Pasta

Pastificio dei campi- discover one of the best brands of Gragnano Pasta

Pasta di Gragnano, among the Italian excellences famous and appreciated all over the world, pasta certainly occupies a front row seat. Immortalized in hundreds of films, mentioned in novels and songs, it is a symbol of our great gastronomic tradition.

Gragnano pasta is healthy, nutritious, tasty, cornerstone of the famous Mediterranean diet, studied and admired everywhere; It is found in every corner of the five continents and has always stimulated the creativity of great chefs and the imagination of those who prepare it every day at home in hundreds of variations, often exclusive, secret and jealously handed down in the family.

When it comes to this national specialty, Gragnano PGI pasta represents an inescapable reality, a refined product of centuries-old tradition and first choice ingredients. The finished product is proudly displayed in the best food stores of excellence for a public attentive to quality.

Gragnano pasta, an all-Italian story

The origins of pasta in the Mediterranean basin date back to the times of Magna Graecia , and already in the sixteenth century macaroni were a symbol of our territory abroad, so much so that they gave the name to a literary genre. It will be thanks to our emigration that this pride of Made in Italy will be spread in most of the world.

Campania is the region that boasts the national record for pasta production, and in particular the provinces of Salerno and Naples, the latter with the famous Gragnano pasta, which boasts a centuries-old tradition.

The area is home to a multitude of companies attentive to the quality of their product and to the preservation of a working methodology that provides a mix of rigorously selected grains and the precious waters coming from the rich subsoil of this Campania area

The Pastificio dei Campi di Gragnano was born from the experience of generations and generations of pasta makers, with the aim of creating a product of absolute excellence in which the traceability of the raw material had a priority role, the Gragnano pasta.

The best Apulian wheat, produced specifically on request to obtain maximum nutritional power, the recovery of ancient varieties and above all the veto to the use of glycophosphates and chemical fertilizers.

The 100% Made in Italy certification is the coveted recognition that certifies the total traceability of the supply chain.
The result of this mix of tradition and innovation is to revive centuries and centuries of pasta history also through the image.

The packaging of the various formats has been designed to convey the narration of the historical production process through the packaging and their images. At the same time, it fully meets the standards of solidity required for a perfect preservation of the precious food.

The lines and products of Pastificio dei Campi

The range of products created by Pastificio dei Campi di Gragnano includes a multitude of formats and types, suitable to satisfy every need and desire to experiment with ancient and innovative tastes and recipes.

Short pasta is the line that boasts the largest assortment ranging from smooth pennette to conchiglioni up to the inevitable tortiglioni; from calamarata to orecchiette, from campotti to paccheri, to get to trofie, propellers and fusilli.

You can not miss the penne and macaroni declined in many variations as well as the tubes and all the types that express the best with legumes and soups. Of course, the shapes of the great tradition of Italian cuisine are flanked by Pastificio dei Campi with less usual pastas such as mafaldine, spinning tops, lilies and many others that can stimulate the desire to dare new recipes.

Long pasta needs no special introduction. Spaghetti, perhaps more than pizza and mandolin, represent the Italian people in the world and its inimitable cuisine.

Maxi, alla chitarra or spaghettini, bucatini, linguine or fettucce, no one can imagine a delicious tricolor dinner without a plate of spaghetti with clams, bucatini all’amatriciana or fettucce alla boscaiola.

For those who want to amaze their guests and customers, Gragnano pasta surprises us with the special long Gragnano tapes and mixed pasta packages.

Conviviality and imagination on the table. Where to find Pastificio dei Campi products

Gragnano pasta is a symbol of Italian culture, it is the most widespread and appreciated first course in the world and for all of us a source of pride and pride. Whether it’s a pasta with tomato sauce or meat sauce, a pasta in vegetable or meat broth, a lasagna or baked cannelloni, the arrival on the table of the steaming tureen represents a moment of joy and family unity.

Gragnano pasta and its unique taste blend perfectly with the recipes of our tradition but also with the desire to explore new and unusual combinations.

As befits fine food products , made with the dictates of excellence and control of the supply chain, the range of Pastificio dei Campi can be purchased at points of sale of food and gastronomy of excellence.

In conclusion, whether it’s a multi-starred restaurant or a Sunday lunch prepared at home, a midnight spaghetti with friends or a precious and original gift idea in a personalized box, pasta remains the absolute protagonist and our true national dish.

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