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Pastificio dei Campi: innovation and tradition for a gourmet pasta of excellence

Pastificio dei Campi- innovation and tradition for a gourmet pasta of excellence

Discovering Pastificio dei Campi

The Pastificio dei Campi contains a story to tell. It is an enchanted place, halfway between tradition and innovation and in the name of gourmet pasta. That of the company we are talking about today is a world made of taste and elegance. Here’s everything you should know before falling in love with its products.

How was this pasta factory born?

The history of Pastificio dei Campi tells us about tasty, genuine and quality pasta. Pasta is an authentic symbol for the city of Gragnano, the place where the pasta factory is located.

The birth of this company dates back to 2004. It was founded by Giuseppe Di Martino, a pasta lover who realized how important it was to have an easily traceable raw material available. He chose to produce it directly in the Tavoliere delle Puglie area, using an excellent grain and with very high nutritional values.

The company has decided to keep faith with tradition, using the three-year rotation technique and exploiting land that is always lush for each crop. Over time, Pastificio dei Campi has been loved and recognized, remembered and appreciated. This is due, of course, to the wide range of high-quality pasta.

The importance of design and modernity

Pastificio dei Campi has always given the right importance to the search for a unique and inimitable design. You can see it from the very original packaging of each product and from the use of packaging made in a careful and methodical way. Each box serves to revive the pure essence of pasta, with over 500 years of history told in an essential and captivating way. All this without ever leaving in the background the search for a resistant model capable of preserving individual products with the greatest possible attention.

Recipes with attention to detail

Another of the strengths of Pastificio dei Campi is undoubtedly represented by the use of recipes with attention to detail. Obviously, the real protagonist of each product is wheat, but the company knows its stuff: it is able to give each product a decidedly extraordinary taste. Thanks to well-thought-out systems, this pasta factory is able to offer many varieties of pasta at very competitive prices.

Among the types of pasta you will find the Bombardoni di Gragnano, the Bucatini, the Calamarata, the Calle dei campi di Gragnano, the Campotti, the Candele lunghi and the Conchiglioni. There is no shortage of propellers, long and short tapes, fresine, short and long fusilli, genovesine, Sardinian gnocchi, linguine and much more. Long pasta or short pasta, traditional or more original? What you want is offered by Pastificio dei Campi!

The recipes to try? All of them!

The brand’s products are tasty and at the same time adapt to any meat, fish or vegetarian sauce. They are excellent with cream and for the preparation of simpler recipes such as pasta salads. Surely, the best choice for gourmets is to focus on some gourmet first courses. Seafood, cherry tomatoes, salmon, mushrooms, truffles… Every ingredient is the right one when the pasta you buy is of high quality!

An excellent culinary experience with pasta from Pastificio dei Campi

Do you want to prepare a good plate of gourmet pasta? If you answered yes, you need the right products! You can find the pasta of Pastificio dei Campi directly on our online shop, along with many other products that will help you prepare unique dishes. At DF Gourmet, we choose only high quality products. Don’t hesitate to put us to the test!

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