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Pesto Rossi: the secret to making linguine with Genoese pesto

Pesto Rossi- the secret to making linguine with Genoese pesto

A good plate of linguine with Pesto Rossi

If you want to prepare a first course based on linguine with pesto, Pesto Rossi is definitely your ace up your sleeve. It is a genuine product rich in flavors, which allows you to bring to the table all the taste of tradition. Currently, pesto alla genovese is the most used sauce in the world. It is a condiment with a very long history, which should root its origins in the times of the Roman Empire.

Before it was just a beaten garlic and basil that was used to flavor meat and fish. Over the years it has become that creamy sauce that we all know. At the moment there are many companies that produce pesto alla genovese. What we recommend is the Pesto Rossi, proposed by a company that has given value to the traditional recipe, choosing only genuine ingredients.  

A company that knows its stuff

The Rossi company was founded in Genoa in 1947. Nowadays it is well known on the national territory and in many parts of the world, precisely because it produces high quality gastronomic products. Among these we find the Pesto Rossi. The family that runs the company has decided to produce it to offer its customers that something extra. The choice was immediately to keep the original recipe alive. This is the best way to bring the gourmet flavors of our Italy to the world!

Rossi Genoese pesto is a fresh product prepared with Parmesan, pecorino cheese, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, DOP basil and Vessalico garlic. It is made without preservatives or heat treatments and is available with and without garlic. It is so good that the magazine “Il Gambero Rosso” proclaimed it the best Pesto Genovese produced in Italy in June 2008.

The brand also offers long-life Pesto Rossi. This is always prepared considering the basic recipe, but with the addition of genuine ingredients that allow its preservation. This product is also available with and without garlic, in order to satisfy all tastes and needs. Both versions of the Genoese condiment are prepared with ingredients strictly made in Italy.

Linguine with Pesto Rossi

To bring to the table a dish of linguine with pesto that can conquer all palates, the secret ingredient is Pesto Rossi. However, you must not forget to choose a good quality pasta. Only in this way can you prepare an excellent dish. You can love the classic version, or the dish composed only of linguine and pesto, or prefer a more elaborate version but at the same time simple and tasty.

The pesto alla genovese is delicious in combination with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. Therefore, if you want you can also add pieces of mozzarella and diced cherry tomatoes, or prefer the addition of only one of these ingredients. In any case, you will not regret it! Of course, you can also use Pesto Rossi to season other types of pasta: with penne, farfalle, gnocchi, testaroli and fresh trofie it will be delicious!

Where can you find Pesto Rossi?

Today, Rossi distributes not only in Italy, but also in more than 15 countries around the world. They use this product in many restaurants and pizzerias, and it is sold in small and large shops. In our opinion, those looking for quality… loves Pesto Rossi! That’s why we have chosen to bring this excellent product into our online shop. On DF Gourmet you can find and buy it in a few clicks. When you bring it to the table, you can not help but agree with us! For more articles like these continue to follow our blog !

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