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Perrier Jouet: discover the best vintages and the different types of Champagne

Perrier Jouet: discover the best vintages and the different types of Champagne

Champagne Perrier Jouet to toast a meeting… sang in the 60s the great Peppino di Capri in one of his most famous hits and – in fact – the toast is an auspicious ceremony that accompanies all the most important moments of our lives.

Births, holidays, engagements and weddings; but also important business conclusions, purchases of lasting and precious goods, sporting and professional successes. Raising the glass and producing wishes and congratulations is an indispensable ritual in our culture.

The bubbles are an integral part of the festival and when the occasion is truly solemn, Perrier Jouet champagne has always been the undisputed protagonist, a traditional symbol of the combination of good taste and the precious wine tradition from beyond the Alps.

The Champagne of La Maison Perrier Jouet: centuries of history for an immortal symbol of taste and elegance

Champagne is a sparkling wine, produced in the homonymous region French, whose origins date back to the second half of the 1600s, by a Benedictine abbot, or so legend has it. This wine has unique and precious peculiarities that characterize it compared to other precious counterparts.

The rules and production criteria are very strict and only those who follow the specification in all its details can boast the coveted title Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC).
The harvest, for example, can only be carried out manually to preserve the perfect condition of the grapes that must be harvested at the right point of ripeness.

The authorized and used grape varieties are Chardonnay and Pinot in the two variants, noir and meunier; The grapes are used in different percentages expressed in thousandths and this simply explains one of the arcana of the oenological world! For a champagne to be defined as vintage, the grapes must be all (or almost) of the same vintage.

Absolutely the most prestigious and sought-after champagnes are those that can boast the title CRU, which indicates wines made from a single vine. These are exclusive products, available only at excellent food and wine shops.

But all the technical details, including the legendary champenoise method, take a back seat when the characteristic mushroom-shaped cap, with the typical capsule held in place by the metal cage, jumps. The nectar makes its way through the temptations of foam and once in the glass it is produced in the dance of perlage, with the aroma that begins to release and fascinates the senses.

The maison Perrier Jouet was founded in 1811 thanks to the passion of a young couple who loved nature and art. It will be precisely this passion, handed down from generation to generation to give birth to exclusive artistic partnerships between the winery and great exponents of Art Noveau such as Émile Gallé who in the early ‘900 created the wonderful labels for the bottles of the maison.

The champagne collection of Perrier Jouet. The three lines: Blanc De Blancs – Brut – Rosé

There are three lines of Perrier Jouet that have the task of representing the spirit of one of the most enterprising and prestigious houses in France. The first, called Blanc De Blancs is a vibrant tribute to Chardonnay and its qualities. Clear and fresh, fragrant with spring, it is the ideal champagne for refined afternoons.

The first champagne, Blanc De Blancs precisely, is characterized by aromas of elderberry, acacia, honeysuckle and bitter citrus, gives the best of itself with delicate fish carpaccio, even better as an aperitif.

The jewel of the collection is the Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs 2012, with which the chardonnay grape variety from which it derives is magnified. It smells of rose and fruit; On the palate it reveals hints of white pepper. It is a champagne for solemn celebrations and special occasions, perfect gastronomy wine that can be combined with lobster, crab and seafood, as well as porcini mushrooms.

Created in 1993 in absolute compliance with the dictates of its founders, Maison Perrier-Jouët achieves a vintage only in years of optimal conditions, thus making this Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs of 2012 the rarest of all.

Moving on to the second line, we open with the Grand Brut. Low in sugar, according to the bold recipe of 1846, it has a floral aroma, with hints of butter and vanilla. On the palate it delicately reveals echoes of yellow fruit, toasted nuts and honey. Ideal at any time of the day, it is accompanied by a happy combination with white meats and fish in sauces.

As is now clear, the name Belle Époque distinguishes the absolute excellence range within the collection and this Belle Époque Brut of 2013 is no exception.
Recognizable by the bottle beautifully decorated with floral motifs, the work of Gallé, this champagne smells of flowers and white fruit, characterized by a pale gold color with apple green reflections. It goes perfectly with strong foods: cheeses, prawns, turnips, white peaches.

Let’s now dedicate ourselves to the Rosé line, opening with a truly “daring” champagne, the Blason Rosè. Intense aroma in which red and black fruit are recognizable, hints of pomegranate and a characteristic salmon pink color are the distinctive features of this eclectic wine that amazes on every occasion.

Perfect with a steak on the barbecue, as with duck breast, it offers great surprises with the majestic bluefin tuna or tomato.

Created in the mid-70s, and produced only in years of exceptionally high quality harvest, the Mischer’Traxler Belle Époque Rosé of 2013 is available in absolutely limited quantities. Scented with rose, grapefruit and wild strawberries, it is a delicate and round champagne that goes perfectly with salmon and lobster as well as lentils.

Where to find the champagne of the maison Perrier Jouet

To underline the innate vocation for elegance and present a welcome gift in an exclusive guise, the bottles of Perrier Jouet are available in a sophisticated box that recalls the motifs of the label. The collection of the maison French is a prestigious product that can only be found at the best gourmet wine bars and high-level delicatessens.

In conclusion, for an important anniversary, an anniversary to celebrate, the celebration of a sporting or professional victory but also for a refined aperitif with friends or a tête-à-tête evening with the person of the heart, a basket with a bottle of Perrier Jouet champagne is always the best choice.

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