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Do you want to prepare special rusks? Choose Pintaudi Biscuits


Is it time to prepare special rusks?

Many Italians love rusks. They are excellent with butter, jam and even alone, both for breakfast and as a snack. But how do you prepare special rusks? There is no shortage of recipes to follow , but the truth is that to prepare this unique food you need a certain mastery.

Fortunately in Italy there are many excellences and, above all, some producers who manage to bring out the best even from a classic product like these peculiar and crunchy biscuits. Therefore, before you start preparing them, how about trying the slices of the right brands?

Discovering Pintaudi

Pintaudi is a small company based in the province of Trieste, to be precise in San Dorligo della Valle. This reality produces very simple and genuine biscuits, with few frills but a lot of goodness. The proposed products are made with the intention of conquering every palate without weighing it down. Pintaudi knows exactly how to prepare special rusks and uses only excellent recipes.

Three rusks suitable for everyone: number one

The company offers us three types of rusks: Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3. The first ones are prepared following the traditional recipe. They have a light flavor and are perfect to combine with jams, fruit and yogurt. Their irregular texture makes them inviting, unique and authentic. These slices are presented as an excellent product for breakfast.

Number 2 and Number 3: the other special rusks

According to Pintaudi, to prepare special rusks you also need to know how to propose that something extra. The Numero 2 are in fact made with a stone-ground whole wheat flour. Processing is fundamental and the selection of raw materials is everything: only in this way the company has managed to propose slices to say the least gourmet. These are also ideal for breakfast and snack, with a qualitative jam or with chocolate spread.

Finally there are the Number 3, which being without added sugar, immediately convince those who love to eat healthy … But (rightly) they do not want to give up taste! These rusks are perfect on their own but also with a little butter and jam, with honey, chocolate or fruit. The fact that they are sugar-free does not mean that they are not good: the truth is that they are delicious!

Lots of attention to stay simple

The processing of Pintaudi’s rusks is artisanal and quality is guaranteed. No preservatives, GMO foods, hydrogenated fats or additives are used, but only tradition, dedication and special care in leavening done strictly with sourdough. Inside the brand’s rusks there is a little sea salt and vanilla from Madagascar: ingredients that give a unique flavor to each slice.

Whatever your choice, you will immediately realize how crumbly but solid these slices are. The leavening makes the biscuit very light and the dough gives the right roughness to accommodate jams, jams and other foods. The texture and flavor of these rusks also conquer those who love to dip the slices in tea or take them with them for a light mid-morning snack.

Pintaudi and its special rusks: which will be your favorites?

Do you prefer Number 1, 2 or Number 3? In any case, yours will be a genuine choice, made of taste and satisfaction. With Pintaudi you are on the safe side… If it had not been so, we would not have chosen this brand! Discover our selection of special rusks directly in our shop: after the first taste you will definitely want to buy others!

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