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Riolfi Sapori: an inimitable vegetable appetizer and many surprises for appetizers with gourmet condiments

Riolfi Sapori: an inimitable vegetable appetizer and many surprises for appetizers with gourmet condiments

Discovering the delights of Riolfi Sapori

Are you tired of the usual anonymous appetizer that often does not allow you to create a really perfect menu? In this case we advise you to try the products of Riolfi Sapori. The company offers an inimitable vegetable appetizer and many gourmet condiments that will help you give a positive jolt to your kitchen.

A producer of excellence

Riolfi Sapori was born from a long family tradition, handed down with love and passion for good food. The company has always preferred the best raw materials and is committed to offering the most natural and genuine products.

The production techniques are mostly artisanal, but do not put aside modern technologies: they combine the best of both worlds, allowing us to offer healthy and tasty food.

The artisans of quality are Giorgio and Mauro Riolfi. They are the ones who choose and select the products that we can bring to the table thanks to this brand. Quality standards are ensured by constant and strict controls. The ingredients used are always few but good: this is the secret of a good vegetable appetizer and the most optimal gourmet condiments.

The appetizers of Riolfi Sapori ready for you

Our advice is to try the delicious vegetable appetizer, prepared with fresh and high quality vegetables. Also called a Piedmontese appetizer, this mix of carefully selected and well-seasoned vegetables is excellent alone or paired with tuna or boiled eggs.

Riolfi Sapori can help you create a really tasty menu thanks to the borettane onions in oil with pepper or the delicious Royal Appetizer with artichokes and tuna.

The company offers appetizers based on artichokes, dried tomatoes, capers, oregano, olives, peppers, aubergines, chillies, mushrooms and much more, seasoned only with high quality condiments. The ingredients are selected, cut, flavored and stored with great care, in packages that keep the flavor of the food intact for a long time.

Riolfi offers a wide choice of gourmet appetizers, to be served alone or in combination with other dishes. Whatever choice you make based on tastes and needs, you will be sure to offer diners genuine dishes, with a truly unique flavor and literally different from the usual!

Quality on your table

As you may have understood, quality is a characteristic that distinguishes every product of the Riolfi Sapori company. The attention during the selection of raw materials and the numerous controls allow us to make a real difference that not all companies can guarantee.

The control of the brand’s foods is also carried out within qualified external laboratories. This important detail will help you prepare dishes with perfect flavor and undisputed quality.

Therefore, if you are looking for something to amaze and satisfy all your guests, Riolfi is just the solution for you. Vegetarian, with fish, with a more delicate or stronger flavor: whatever appetizer you are looking for, Riolfi Sapori will offer it to you!

Where can you find Riolfi Sapori products?

The handicrafts of this family-run company can be purchased directly at the headquarters in Castelnuovo Calcea (AT). They are also available in some shops, wine bars and delicatessens located in different parts of Italy.

Of course, since it is a brand of excellence, we have also included it in our shop. Therefore, if you want to buy these gourmet appetizers all you have to do is look for them in our catalog.

DF-Gourmet is a careful selection of unique food and wine products. We only choose companies that can guarantee the highest quality and Riolfi Sapori is certainly part of these realities. Discover our selection of gourmet appetizers: between highly tasty and qualitative pickles and pickles , you will be spoiled for choice!

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