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Riolfi Sapori: discover the masters of pickled oil, vinegar and gourmet sauces

Riolfi Sapori- discover the masters of pickled oil, vinegar and gourmet sauces

Riolfi Sapori is a symbol of quality and gourmet products, designed for a delicious aperitif and a delicious and delicious lunch: among vegetables in oil, sauces, pesto and condiments, you are really spoiled for choice!

We are in Valpolicella, the valley with many cellars as handed down by the ancient Romans, in a terroir rich in vineyards and important wine sceneries.

In such a fascinating place the family-run company Riolfi Sapori is born which, thanks to the vintage artisan experience, transforms the products that Mother Earth gives us into something special, appetizing, all to be tasted!

Continuing with the reading we will discover together some tasty recipes to make with Riolfi Sapori products, including sauces, sauces and condiments, pickles and vegetables in oil.

Password aperitif

It may happen that some friends invite home at the last minute or that you need to organize an aperitif in a few minutes.

Riolfi Sapori with chili peppers stuffed with tuna you will turn the appetizer: Capricci by Riolfi Sapori are chili peppers made according to the Piedmontese tradition, corked one by one and stuffed with chopped tuna, parsley, capers and olives.

They go wonderfully with artichokes in oil and spring onions in extra virgin olive oil, perfect for composing a tasty, delicious and colorful dish. Arrange the onions in oil and artichokes on a serving plate, next to boiled eggs, pickles and pinzimonio, for an aperitif that tastes like a holiday.

How to stuff sandwiches for a party?

Have you organized a brunch or a party and are you looking for the right ingredients to stuff your sandwiches?

With cooked ham, Russian salad, mayonnaise, artichokes in oil and spring onions you can make the best appetizers to offer to colleagues, friends and diners.

Here are some tricks to make sandwiches that everyone will remember, made to perfection.

– divide each slice of loaf bread so that they do not stick together and do not take moisture;

– spread the mayonnaise or tuna cream, then lay the slice of lettuce and then the pickles and vegetables in oil, so that the ingredients do not mix together;

– if you want to add a cold cut, compose your sandwiches following a particular order, first the mayonnaise on both slices, the cooked ham (or the salami you prefer) and the curly salad, then a slice of tomato, onions or artichokes, another slice of cheese and then the slice of pan carrè;

– If you want you can also add tuna in oil, boiled eggs, olives and of course spring onions as if they were raining, which go wonderfully with these ingredients.

Who can resist a tuna and spring onion sandwich?

The ingredient that must never be missing in the kitchen

The anchovy fillets of Riolfi Sapori, processed and cleaned one by one and then preserved in extra virgin olive oil, are the ingredient that must never be missing in your refrigerator.

With anchovies in oil Riolfi Sapori and a handful of sardines you can make a quick dressing for pasta, both short and long.

All you need is the fish fillets (or anchovy sauce), a clove of garlic, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil of the good one and some spices. For example, you can add fresh chilli or aromatic herbs.

Let it heat, add a ladle of pasta cooking water and here are your linguine, spaghettoni or penne sautéed to the seafood!

The anchovy fillets in oil are also excellent for seasoning bruschetta, croutons, on pizza, wherever you want.

Riolfi Sapori also distributes Giardiniera Campagnola, selected vegetables and in oil for rice salad, aubergines in oil and many other first fruits to try.

Last but not least, ready-made sauces and condiments

In the Riolfi Sapori collection you can also find the condiments ready to heat and in which to dip the pasta you prefer: tasty red tomato, rabbit sauce and Mediterranean sauces with tuna are just some of the varied proposals.

In particular, the rabbit sauce is prepared according to the best Piedmontese tradition, braised and then stewed and soaked in a pot with Barbera DOC wine. Perfect with fettuccine, tagliatelle and Sunday lasagna, it brings to the table the flavor of the Langhe and Valpolicella.

And to conclude a hearty lunch, you need a glass of red, or a square of chocolate directly from Alba.

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