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Saffron Navelli plateau: why can we call it one of the best saffrons?

Saffron Navelli plateau: why can we call it one of the best saffrons?

Discovering Saffron Navelli Plateau

The Saffron Navelli Plateau is one of the best and continuing to read you will understand why. Saffron is a spice used for centuries, starting from the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is the most expensive spice in the world due to the complicated process of harvesting and processing.

In Italian cuisine it is typically used for the preparation of saffron risotto or “yellow risotto”, so known precisely for the color that the spice gives to the dish.

If you love dishes like this, you should not forget that to take advantage of an unmistakable and intense taste it is necessary to choose a high quality product. The saffron of the Cooperativa Altopiano di Navelli satisfies this need, presenting itself as a real ally in the kitchen.

Saffron: goodness and happiness in one bite

Did you know that it takes more than 300,000 flowers to produce about half a kilo of saffron? However, we are faced with a spice so good that at least every now and then we want to bring it to the table. It makes our dishes tasty and colors them a beautiful vibrant yellow!

To produce this food, the pistils of the saffron flower must be collected. Next you need to dry them. Then it will be possible to obtain a powder or use the dried stigmas directly during preparation.

In any case, to produce this spice rich in antioxidants, you need a careful and meticulous procedure that the Cooperative we are talking about today carries out carefully. Precisely for this reason the Saffron Navelli Plateau is genuine, delicious and with an intense flavor.

This producer located in central Italy, precisely in L’Aquila, produces a saffron of excellent quality, using purely sustainable methods. In the lands where the flowers used to produce this spice are grown, no chemicals or pesticides harmful to the environment and to the people who work are used.

Why the Saffron Navelli plateau?

As you may have understood, this Eagle saffron is produced in a certain way and this allows the manufacturer to offer a unique spice. We can define this product as one of the best as it is the result of a prolonged experience and passion for this type of cultivation and production.

The Cooperativa Altopiano di Navelli has been operating since 1971 and has chosen a perfect territory to produce its spice. The right attention and processing give the product offered a taste and a particular aroma.

In 2005 the European Union recognized the PDO saffron mark, protected designation of origin, to the saffron of L’Aquila. Therefore, the reasons to choose Saffron Navelli Plateau are there, don’t you agree?

A choice made of taste

At DF-Gourmet, we believe in the power of small local cooperatives like the one we’re talking about. We know that they can guarantee high levels of quality and always produce excellent products.

Also in this case, therefore, we made a choice of taste and quality: we decided to bring the Saffron Navelli Plateau into our store. We appreciated the sustainable agricultural practices used by this producer, but also the taste of the proposed product. We’re sure you’ll do the same!

Saffron Navelli Plateau in your kitchen

Do you want to try to use this delicious spice for the preparation of a good risotto or other dishes? If you answered yes, rely on DF-Gourmet shop. The Saffron Navelli Plateau, is one of the best ever, we will send it directly to your home.

You don’t need to go to L’Aquila to buy this PDO product… At DF-Gourmet we help you bring quality to your table. Just ask!

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