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Learn about Spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri and why they became so famous

Learn about Spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri and why they became so famous

The tasty Spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri

Are you looking for a simple and at the same time unique pasta? If this is your intent, Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni are right for you. They taste of wheat and smell of the sun and the fertile lands of Puglia. The traditional processing and the long cooking give rise to an excellent pasta, gourmet and ideal especially for connoisseurs and gourmets. If you belong to one of these two categories, we invite you to discover this product of excellence of the Italian gastronomic tradition and to bring it to the table as soon as possible.

The origins of an exceptional pasta

The history of Spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri has very ancient origins and boasts over a century of success. They are tasty and everyone likes them. The bronze drawing, the mixture of durum wheat grown in the sunny hills of Puglia and the craftsmanship as per tradition are the secret of so much goodness.

The Cavalieri family began their work in 1918 with the cultivation of wheat, but the real turning point came when they opened their artisan pasta factory. The experience gained in the treatment of the raw material has led to the creation of a paste different from all the others.

Symbol of Italianness in the world, the company has received several awards over the years. Among these we mention the prestigious Oscar of the Fancy Food Show in New York, awarded in 2001 by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade.

The characteristics of Spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri

This excellent product has nothing to do with the classic spaghetti we all know. These spaghettoni, in fact, are twice as long as traditional spaghetti. Porous, rough and with a much wider section, they retain any type of seasoning well and allow you to bring unique first courses to the table.

Drying at low temperatures for about 40 hours allows a perfect osmosis between carbohydrates and proteins. This system allows to obtain a pasta cooked in a uniform manner, with high chewability and quality. Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni are hearty and at the same time easy to digest. They are nutritious and satiating, delicious and versatile. They are suitable for those who love gourmet dishes and perfect for special occasions and for holidays spent in the company of their family.

How to cook spaghettoni from Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri

Benedetto Cavalieri bronze-drawn Spaghettoni require longer cooking times than classic pasta. However, we can certainly say that it is worth the wait! To get the maximum taste it takes 16-17 minutes of cooking, unlike the traditional 10-12 minutes we are used to.

The result is surprising and to be able to ascertain it you absolutely have to try this particular shape of pasta. You can use it for your gourmet dishes and menus, in combination with meat, fish and / or vegetable sauces. The first ones you prepare will be unforgettable every time!

Where can you find Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni?

These spaghettoni have become so famous because they are delicious, different from the usual and very long! They are presented as high quality products, precisely because the raw materials used are excellent, as well as the production methods. For all these reasons, these special spaghetti are only found in certain stores and e-commerce specialized in the sale of fine foods. This is precisely the sector of DF Gourmet.

Therefore, you can also find Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni on our shop, along with many other top quality food and wine products. We offer you this delicious pasta, but also many gourmet sauces produced by the best companies and prepared by the most famous starred chefs. So, make a nice shopping list and take a look at our shop. We will help you bring extraordinary dishes to the table!

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