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The Best Traditional Italian Easter Sweets to Buy Online at DF Gourmet

The Best Traditional Italian Easter Sweets to Buy Online at DF Gourmet

Giving gourmet food to a loved one means wanting to give him a moment of pure pleasure, a pleasant experience to break the daily routine.

There are numerous traditional Italian Easter sweets, which however must be performed to perfection to bring back in time, to the moment of childhood, when these flavors were part of family lunches and celebrations.

The aim of DF Gourmet is precisely to rediscover the roots of regional cuisine, offering its customers a series of gastronomic excellences, to which it is impossible to say no.

If you are curious to find out what the portal has reserved as the best traditional Italian Easter sweets to buy online, visit the website and start composing your pretty and elegant basket.

Rely on the best brands to impress with Easter basket

Before seeing what are the delicacies that are impossible to give up, let’s find out what are the brands of excellence that you can find on DF Gourmet.

The first is called Marta Maistrello and its offer mainly includes biscuits, pies and typical sweets, ideal for breakfast but also for a tasty snack during tea time.

The flavors are very sought after and the raw materials of top quality, with variations that fit perfectly in the atmosphere of the Easter holidays and in particular of Easter morning, when the table is laden with sweet and savory.

The second brand is Alpenzu, perfect to celebrate with many jams and compotes of different types, so as not to lose even a note of taste.

So let’s see what to put on the table during the Easter period to amaze guests and the family gathered for the occasion.

Traditional Italian Easter Sweets: tarts

When it comes to classic and traditional holidays, the ideal is to accompany them with equally rooted desserts.
Instead of the well-known pastiera, typical of this period, why not choose one of the homemade pies on DF Gourmet?

You will feel like you have never tasted such a fragrant and tasty shortcrust pastry, with the right buttery and sugary consistency at the right point.

You can then indulge yourself on the taste of the filling, opting for blueberries and strawberries, or for ripe and organic apricots that are used for the preparation of each dessert.

If the eye also wants its part, then you will appreciate the precision of the cake and above all the care with which it is packaged and delivered, being a precious gift for the taste buds.
Interesting is the strawberry variant, which usually puts everyone in agreement and lends itself as a flavor in early spring.

Traditional Italian Easter sweets: biscuits

At the end of a rich and hearty lunch like Easter, some may prefer dry biscuits or mignon compositions, to accompany coffee so as not to weigh down too much.

Scrolling through the section dedicated to desserts, you will have the opportunity to buy delicious scallops, with a characteristic shape and covered with icing sugar.

The dough is fragrant in the mouth and goes well with bitters and spirits, ideal in this holiday period to relax in company.
Remaining on the classic of tradition, why not enjoy the delicate taste of baci di dama, of Piedmontese origin but now widespread throughout the country.

They are characterized by a veil of chocolate inside and by the crunchiness of the two halves that match, made to perfection to be pleasant at the table.

Excellent raw materials used, which bring back to a past where genuine ingredients were taken directly from the surrounding area.

The packaging is carefully made and allows you to make a great impression even if it is a gift.
In the dry biscuits we also insert torcetti and zaeti, with a characteristic flavor but perfect to be combined with tea and coffee.

Cat tongues, which are versatile and appreciated by most people, fit perfectly into this context.
These remain very crunchy and accompany hot drinks, ice cream or other creamy desserts, such as a particular waffle.

For coconut lovers, it is impossible to miss the sablè to this taste, which is placed right in the next Easter menu with its characteristic flavor and soft texture.

Finally, do not forget the puff pastry, light and delicate, caramelized with care on the surface and fragrant on the palate, packaged with a beautiful bow that immediately makes party and joy.

Traditional Italian Easter sweets: fruit in syrup

If you want to end the meal in a different way than usual, you can opt for Alpenzu peaches in syrup to combine with some traditional desserts.
The sweet and particular taste refreshes the mouth, the packaging is particular and lends itself to being inserted inside a basket to complete the composition also from a visual point of view.

We are talking about PDO fruit from Southern Italy, which brings back to genuine roots and organic crops, preserving history from a culinary point of view.

If you have decided to celebrate next Easter with gourmet products of the regional tradition, all you have to do is visit the DF Gourmet website and let yourself be carried away from one place to another through the characteristic flavors.

As you have noticed, there are solutions for all tastes, so what are you waiting for to create an ad hoc composition different from the usual standards and donate an excellent product to show your attachment to loved ones?

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