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Discover real English tea with "English Tea Shop", for a gourmet quality tea

Discover real English tea with English Tea Shop, for a gourmet quality tea

Discovering real English tea

The tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, is used to prepare a drink loved all over the world, which has many variations. But what is real English tea? True enthusiasts are always looking for special blends and processes, from green tea to black tea, passing to flavored ones and selections with unique aromas and scents. The real English tea, however, is only one: that of English Tea Shop.

A brand that conquers for its flavors and for the high quality of its products

English Tea Shop is a company with a clear idea: it wants to offer the best English cup of tea possible. With over thirty years of activity in a selective and complex sector such as that of English tea, this reality has come into play. He created a very special relationship with a truly precious plant. With attention and passion, the founders have managed to get noticed in a sector where the proposed blends are decidedly countless. 

The company constantly strives to propose combinations of new flavors, without ever putting an end to the search for the perfect product. Despite the continuous evolution of the sector, we can say that English Tea Shop has already managed to amaze and be loved by fans.

The production of a genuine English tea

The approach of this company, specialized in the production of English tea suitable for all tastes, is ethical and admirable. In fact, the products it offers are made with raw materials born thanks to sustainable agriculture processes. You cannot ruin the ecosystem for the cultivation of high-level products, also because tea is better when the environment in which it is grown is rich and vital!

Thanks to cutting-edge production techniques, which still keep faith with tradition, English Tea Shop offers fragrant blends full of antioxidants. The brand’s English teas are ideal for a break, for breakfast, as a snack and whenever you feel the desire to enjoy a delicious and healthy drink.

The excellent Sri Lankan tea

Most of English Tea Shop’s products are made with tea from Sri Lanka. This, however, does not mean that the product is not “English”. In fact, the tasty leaves are processed thinking of the classic English tea time at 5 pm. The company chose Sri Lanka not only because the tea offered is of the highest quality, but also to support the country, without underestimating the workers’ workforce.

Thanks to English Tea Shop you too can enjoy a delicious green tea, earl grey and breakfast grey, and many other varieties. There is no shortage of products flavored to:

  • turmeric and ginger,
  • cinnamon, moringa and ginger,
  • coconut and cocoa,
  • acai and Goji berries,
  • rooibos.

The latter is one of the most sought after aromas: the precious rooibos conquers with its intense fruity scent and is rich in antioxidants. It is an aroma that makes any type of English tea even more delicious.

English Tea Shop guarantees every time the distribution of excellent products, far from pesticides and the usual commercial logic of large retailers. The difference is felt in every steaming cup!

English Tea Shop tea is on DF-Gourmet

Do you want to taste the delicious products of this brand? You can find them in the section dedicated to gourmet drinks. We at DF-Gourmet want to offer excellent products from every point of view, and English tea from English Tea Shop is definitely one of them!  Coconut, passion fruit, lemongrass, blueberries, elderflower, cocoa, coconut, citrus, apple, beetroot, ginger… What are your favorite flavors?

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